YouTube Terminates Incredibly Popular Bannon Podcast The War Room… Again

( Exclusive) – Big Tech is going full steam ahead with their censorship of conservatives. First it was President Trump himself and now it’s those within his circle. Soon, it will be you and me.

After the staged “insurrection” against the government on Capitol Hill Wednesday, Big Tech has been using the incident as a guise to ban President Trump, claiming he incited the violent outburst.

The truth, of course, is that the siege was the orchestrated doings of Antifa and video evidence from the event to support as much.

Not only that but President Trump did not and has never encouraged his supporters to behave violently. As a matter of fact, his message has always been one of law and order. Always.

His supporters have made clear they support that message and have been emphatically against the Antifa and Black Lives Matter led riots of the summer of 2020.

It’s really completely absurd to suggest that President Trump suddenly changed up his message and incited his supporters to violence. It’s also equally absurd to think that his supporters, who have historically been peaceful and nonviolent, would pick the day of the most consequential process in the election cycle to become violent.

We all know it doesn’t add up but the media, Democrats, and many Republicans seem to be so utterly disconnected from reality and the American people that they think we’re all buying their lies and false narrative.

So, the Big Tech censorship continues. You know, for the “safety” of Americans, of course.

On Friday, YouTube made the shocking move to cancel Steve Bannon’s incredibly popular War Room podcast which was easily one of the top-ranked Apple Podcasts in the country.

Bannon’s War Room radio show, TV show, and podcast has more than 27 million downloads. That’s no small number. Liberalism is just bad for business as it has caused YouTube to ban one of it’s most popular shows.

YouTube doesn’t care though. It isn’t about the money for YouTube, they have enough of that. It’s all about power and forcing Americans to conform to the leftist agenda by any means necessary.

Though the show is still available on many other platforms like Rumble, it’s totally shocking, and not shocking at the same time, that YouTube has banned it.

On Parler, the War Room garners millions of impressions each day and has a highly-engaged following approaching 275,000. It’s also an incredibly fast-growing news aggregator start-up that gets hundreds of thousands of monthly impressions.

Back in November, War Room’s troubles began when Twitter terminated it’s account and YouTube gave the show a temporary suspension.

The left doesn’t take kindly to any talk of election fraud and while YouTube ended up restoring the show’s channel, that only lasted until today.

Now Big Tech is furiously trying to silence Trump and all of his close allies. President Trump isn’t done fighting for election integrity and it feels like the left is downright scared of what he might do next.

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  1. And Nancy is dictating and getting away with it as she has been doing for 4 years! The Democrats have made her queen and she runs with!

  2. It does seem that disinformation runs very deep, now the faces in places they had no right to be are all proving out to be Trump supports who are setting in jail, and others identified as retired Military and law enforcement persons from other police departments. Not one BLM or Antifa member identified in those persons in the Capitol, so I would guess some here are going to say that BLM and Antifa were shown preferential treatment, when the fact being that everyone in the Capitol will be arrested and prosecuted, at the minimum for trespass on federal property, which is no light charge ask those setting in jail for 5 years about it, when the thought they could just do it get a slap on the wrist, did they get, a big surprise to them on conviction.

    • Somewhere in this melee bob is a community agitator, could be your hero and idol Hussein Obama in the crowd you know . Yo cannot discount his efforts on fomenting violence and destruction, he specialized in that for years Bob .

  3. This country has lost its appropriate mind! Every so and so is speaking and writing about the “protesters” being in the Capital as if it was a Constitutional violation. LET ME MAKE IT CLEAR THAT IT WAS THE ANTIFA MINDED AND THE BLM MINDED SO AND SO’S WHO WERE BREAKING INTO THE CAPITAL, but again is is not a violation of the Constitution. BUT the state and Constitutional law WAS violated, WAS BROKEN AND LITTLE IS BEING SAID ABOUT THAT . In fact and pint of truth is that the fraudulent votes and fraudulent processes to STEAL OUR VOICE and set the perpetrators of the violations in charge of our country was not stopped by those that normally fill the capital. I do not hear about that violence of the silencing of our voices by the media or the threat of the violence of violating the Bill of Rights.

    Get your head on straight. the source of the anger of the protestors is the problem not the antifa and BLM that infiltrated the protest and broke into the capital.

  4. Hang onto your hats patriots this is only going to get worse. Can you spell Pravda (does anyone even remember what that was)? Well it is here in the U.S.A. now [okay so it under a different name] whether people want to admit it or not.

  5. Pelosi has always been unhinged and always dangerous, but she is not up against Donald Trump. She has set herself against the God who has blessed President Trump. Every dictator in history has met a bad end of their own making.


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