YouTube Reminds Us Who Controls The Narrative As They Ban OAN — The Reason Why Is Insane

( Exclusive) – We have reached a really dangerous place in America. The Democrats have seemingly completely transformed into a political party unlike anything we have ever seen in the history of this great country.

While Democrats and Republicans have always disagreed on political matters, they have always been able to find common ground on matters involving our constitutional rights like freedom of speech, for example, and the basic fundamentals that America was built on. That time seems to be a thing of the past.

Democrats no longer care about the rights of Americans or the bedrock of American society. They’re only out for power and control and they want it at any cost, including the freedom and liberties of the American people.

With their partnership with Big Tech and the mainstream media they have seemingly succeeded and the censorship of conservatives has been their greatest weapon.

The coronavirus has also been one of their greatest political weapons and now Google-owned YouTube has banned One America News Network (OAN) from posting any new videos for a week and has demonetized its existing videos all because they claim OAN violated the company’s coronavirus rules.

Ironically, OAN was one of the earliest outlets to call for a travel ban on China because of the reported severity of the virus in Wuhan. Of course, this was long before the Democrats and their corporate media cronies were taking the virus seriously.

OAN correspondent Jack Posobiec pointed this out in a tweet saying, “We were the first network in the country to have someone call for a travel ban due to the severity of the coronavirus all the way back on Jan 22nd while yall were peddling a sham impeachment.”

According to Reuters, YouTube banned OAN Tuesday after it broke the rules on COVID-19 content when they claimed that there was a guaranteed cure for the virus. As you can probably guess, the video YouTube took issue with was about hydroxychloroquine and its abilities to cure COVID-19. Since President Trump has spoken about the drug in high regard, the left has been vehemently against it.

The left says there is no “scientific” evidence to support the use or promotion of hydroxychloroquine despite actual medical doctors attesting to their own personal experiences using it to treat COVID patients successfully.

OAN is now being punished and censored for simply sharing information regarding the drug and allowing Americans to make up their own minds. The left doesn’t think we should have that right any longer. We just aren’t responsible enough, apparently.

A spokeswoman for YouTube has also said that OAN was demonetized for repeatedly sharing content that violates their COVID rules and that the network will have to reapply to be allowed to monetize again.

OAN has since removed the video that was in violation of the purveyors of truth, YouTube’s, policies.

The banning of OAN drew immediate criticism and backlash from conservatives on social media.

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA founder, referred to YouTube appropriately as the Ministry of Truth and warned that “They will come for you soon. No one is safe.”

Matthew Peterson, Vice President of education at the Claremont Institute, pointed out that it’s time for new technology to begin to be created that won’t silence and crush half the country.

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  1. Unfortunately, America will realize too late the grave they have dug for all of us, without realizing their mistake in electing “Puppet Biden”, who isn’t bright enough to realize what a “Patsy” he is with all these liberals hellbent on turning America into a total Socialist country. I agree that it’s too bad that the Republican party can’t get its head out of its own ass and fully support President Trump, knowing full well they are helping the Democrats to destroy everything. Trump might be a lot of things, but no previous president as ever done all that he has done and never appreciated for because Democratic liberals never accepted him, because he has shown their true colors of total greed and corruption that has been going on for far too long.

  2. Your observations on the left are worthy of consideration by both sides. Our friends on the left should realize that they are being not only taken for granted but taken for a ride. The hate mongering for one thing is so cheap and low down that I really feel that some of them (hopefully) are offended. Hating Trump is just becoming a thread bear excuse for lack of policy. Notice when the left starts addressing policy, the wheels start to come off. If hate is the only thing that unites them, then, for humanity’s sake they need be left to wallow in their stu of contempt while the more sensible among them hack out more responsible positions. I think they should start in this direction before it’s too late as they are not always going to have Trump as their whipping boy.

    When the attention is taken off Trump we don’t see much positive thought to give us hope. Just more darn government.

  3. I nominate Obama for corrupt jerk of the decade!

    “Barack Obama: Pro-Trump ‘Evangelical Hispanics’ Care More About Abortion than ‘Cages’”. . . . .Cages that Obama built!

    • You are so right! Obama destroyed our American values and heritage by selling us out. He is a Terrorist and is to blame for the pandemic, not Trump. Everyone seems to forget when he was in office, back withe the Swine flu epidemic and others that he depleted our stock and reserve of PPE and when advised to replace it, didn’t do so. Guess he had a plan to destroy America further, while in power.

  4. Okay Conservatives – boycott YouTube. There is an alternative and that is Rumble. YouTube is just another of the big tech companies that is controlled by China. The owners, executives and employees should all be investigated, jailed and tried for Treason!


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