“You’d Be Surprised!” – Trump Drops Major Hint To Media On Identity Of “Anonymous” Anti-Trump Skunk In The White House (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – On Tuesday President Trump spoke briefly to reporters from the Oval Office.

President Trump was asked about the Roger Stone case during his brief banter with reporters.

President Trump: No I didn’t speak to the Justice… I would be able to do it if I wanted. I have the absolute right to do it. I stay out of things to a degree that people wouldn’t believe. But I didn’t speak to him. I thought the recommendation was ridiculous.

I thought the whole prosecution was ridiculous. And I look at others who haven’t been prosecuted or I don’t know where it is now. But when you see that I thought it was an insult to our country and it shouldn’t happen.

President Trump was also asked by John Roberts if he knows who the anonymous media leaker is in the White House.

Trump answered: “I don’t want to say. But you’d be surprised!”

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  1. I just hope that they get every last stinking one of them from the BOTTOM stink hole to the TOP of the stink hole – Obama. I figure this would be a whole lot of people including those elected officials in Congress who are behind or in collusion with Clinton crime family and the most evil one George Soros and his family and organizations. So to see true justice many people will be put behind Federal bars and TREASON carries the penalty of death by hanging/firing squad. Much of this falls under HIGH TREASON. Now will our justice DOJ do their duties and prosecute these people to the full extent of the laws or cowardly let them off with a slap.. We must demand prosecute to the full extent of the law Death so be it, life in prison, deportation never to set foot on US SOIL anywhere.Traitors should be stripped of their citizenship and deported never to return or set foot on US Soil again. Those who committed TREASON also stripped of their citizenship before death sentences. No life time for these persons death is the only option in my book. We should not have our tax dollars spent taking care of people like these. These people are no different or better than a deserter from his watch/post/duties in our Armed Forces.

  2. TOM OAKLEY, As much as we all know the entire CLINTON clan deserves to be prosecuted i seriously doubt we will ever see it happen, But im with you MAYBE, MAYBE MAYBE, someday justice will prevail.

  3. The President obviously enjoys utilizing the element of surprise, which he does so very well. There are more surprises waiting farther down the road, that’s for sure!


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