You Are Being Played: Video Hyping COVID Vaccine Shows It Being Administered With An Empty Syringe

( Exclusive) – What is even going on?

A new shocking video out of Brazil casts doubt on the whole of the narrative we’re being fed on COVID-19 vaccination and its importance.

The video is meant to hype the vaccine and shows the nation’s Secretary of Health, Benedita Oliveira, receiving the jab.

Or so it appears.

Upon closer inspection of the video, Infowars reports, one can see the syringe is empty and the doctor pulls the plunger back slightly so it appears he is about to inject the syringe into her arm.

This isn’t the first time such a stunt has been televised to audiences that officials clearly think are too stupid to notice their medical-fascist political theatre.

A video from the University Medical Center in El Paso, Texas shows healthcare workers receiving their vaccinations with a syringe.

One problem—the plunger was already fully suppressed when they “received” the vaccination, meaning, at least in the clip they opted to air, the person shown never actually received their vaccination.

Some have even been seen “getting the shot”—with the plastic cap still on the needle!


In one example, Queensland, Australia premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was one such political prop.

The Associated Press, however, dismissed the incident as a conspiracy theory after questions began to mount.

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  1. Hey Chopper Pilot how about dropping a few loads on the front lawn of the Whitehouse so Dr. Jill and BOZO can nurse them back to health while american legal citizens have to work sick so their families dont die, Americans LAST AGAIN. Did you get your stimulus check I think not I didnt get mine illegals got all the had, tough shit for us again if you do 2- 50 ft combat runs for the drops I will pay your salary and fuel if you give 2 blasts from the M60-68s that should wake up sleepy Joe before his 1800 hrs bedtime. Would not want him to fall out of bed would we!!!!!

    • I’ll leave the violence up to today’s progressive liberal trash in our society.

      You know the “peaceful “ ones they claim to be.

  2. I am seventy six and I will not be getting this china virus shot! I would rather take my chances, I do not trust our government anymore! It seems like all the government departments are corrupt and are not to be believed! I didn’t live this long by being stupid!

  3. Zechariah 8:16-17: “These are the things you are to do:

    Speak the truth to one another, render true and perfect justice in your gates. And do not contrive evil against one another, and do not love perjury, because all those are things that I hate – declares the LORD.”

  4. Chopperpilot, I understand the frustration with obvious lack of valid information and the stupidity of Roman Catholic’s obvious consumption of misinformation and mis-thinking. He does belong in a body of people submissive to God’s teaching, not man’s teaching because Christ came to help the sick not those who are deceived and perceive they are healthy. The key is to go to a body of Christ, which is the definition of Church, that lives and teaches the Truth not a comfortable scenario that tickles the ear and gives false comfort and misleads.

    • O, I can see that you have been deeply misled by President Trump. I do want to help the sick, and the way to do that is not to refuse masks and vaccines, but to take those very things. The reasons that the politicians are not getting the vaccine in the ad include the following:

      A) They have already gotten the vaccine;
      B) They have scheduled a different time, and just like a kindergartner, they are “not ready for the shot”;
      C) The advertisers didn’t have the funds to get the vaccine for the ad;
      D) Vaccines do have temporary side-effects, and a politician wouldn’t want to appear woozy in public, and would want to wait until a weekend.

      Attacking my apparent “lack of valid information” is a fun thing to do when you haven’t presented any information yourself. Also, I’m pretty sure you meant to say, “He does NOT belong in a body of people submissive to God’s teaching[…],” but I’m fine with you not inserting “not” into that sentence as well.

      Pope Above President,
      Country Above Party,
      God Above All.

    • Roman Catholic Who Happens to Be Liberal (Age 13) … right. Something tells me you are a liar. Roman Catholics don’t believe in abortion, but liberals do. Seems you need to back to Sunday school, child.

    • First of all, us Catholics don’t place such an emphasis on “Sunday school.” Secondly, I am a moderate liberal, so I am a TRADITIONALIST ON ABORTION AND GAY MARRIAGE, but I am a LIBERAL ON THE BORDER, THE DEATH PENALTY, AND LOWERING THE VOTING AGE!

    • You do know that it was the REPUBLICANS who initially supported abortion, right?

    • I’m a him, and you just supported abortion, you little Blanco Bacon Bit!

  5. I guess the vaccine being given to politicians is different. They just need to stick the needle in a bit. I wonder why people refuse to acknowledge what they have seen.

    • Doesn’t take much to fool today’s progressive liberal trash such as yourself Fake catholic.

    • Nice language for a lying 13 year old piece of progressive liberal filth. The church doesn’t want trash like you in it you know ?

      You’re a liar …

    • The Church accepts all in it. You used swear-words greater than or equal to the one I used. I still maintain that you are a fake pilot, but I apologize for my language. I will not stoop to the level of your president again.

    • I’m not a liar. You have no proof for any argument you use on this site. Go back to kindergarten—they’re more mature than you there.

    • If you’re a liberal, You’re definitely a Lair and an ignorant one at that .
      Don’t miss recess little one.

    • Oh yes, I’m a “Lair.” Get a device with spell-check. Additionally, they don’t have recess in middle school, so pick a better argument, or at least a better comeback.

    • Youngest, ignorant, lying troll to be here so far. Congratulations for showing everyone just how stupid you are. 13years of age … you must still be in pre-school, comrade.

    • Unlike you, commie John of the vodka-drinking Soviet state, I do not worship communism. I am in eighth grade, and I am the school Gifted program, as well as Honors Integrated Math. You call yourself a free-thinker, but you only go with the Tea Party crowd on the vaccine. You’re no more of a free-thinker than a cow.

    • John , that’s tomorrow’s progressive liberal trash in the future. They love criminals, negroes, homos and the other dredges of society.

      Some claim to be Catholics to ..

    • Once again, I love everyone, as Christ instructed us, his disciples, to do: “Love thy neighbor as thyself.”

    • Even though I despise the words you speak, I even love you as my neighbor on Earth, in the name of Christ’s commandment.


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