WTH?… Joe Biden Starts Muttering Something About Stacking Spaghetti Sauce During Teamster Speech (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Leading Democratic Party presidential candidate took the stage in Cedar Rapids on Saturday and started muttering something about spaghetti sauce during his speech to the Teamsters.

This is just bizarre.

John Cardillo is right – At this point it’s just cruel to pretend he’s all there.

Flashback: “Ohhhh, I’m Not An Obama Fan. This Is Trump Country” – Iowa Farmer Who Ignored Joe Biden In Restaurant Speaks Out

On Saturday Politico reporter Natasha Korecki snagged a photo of Joe Biden approaching a man watching college football at the Corn Stalk Cafe in Missouri Valley, Iowa.

The farmer had no idea Joe Biden was standing next to him and didn’t seem to care.

Korecki asked the farmer if he knew who was standing next to him in the restaurant.

His response was epic!

Flashback: Video: Joe Biden Bites Wife’s Finger At ‘No Malarkey’ Iowa Bus Tour Kickoff

Democrat presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden kicked off an eight day bus tour through Iowa Saturday with an outdoor rally in Council Bluffs with a modest sized crowd of supporters in attendance. Biden has slumped from front runner to fourth place in Iowa in the past two months, according to the Real Clear Politics rolling average of Iowa and now has support from about 16.3 percent of caucus goers. South Bend, Indiana Mayor Pete Buttigieg leads the pack with 24.0 percent.

As Biden was being introduced by his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, she enthusiastically–if unawarely–repeatedly waved her right arm wide as he stood next to her such that he had to lean back to avoid getting smacked as she spoke about how when her husband is president parents will want to bring their children into the room when he appears on TV.

As she continued to wave her arm perilously close to his face, Joe Biden leaned in and gave his wife a love bite on her index finger, prompting laughs and smiles from Jill and the audience.

Video posted to Twitter by CBS News reporter Bo Erickson:

“The reason we named it ‘No Malarkey’ is because the other guy’s all lies,” @JoeBiden says in Council Bluffs, Iowa, referring to President Trump off the bat as he kicks off his 8-day bus tour through the state.”

The Biden campaign included a definition of malarkey on the bus: Insincere or foolish talk.

The Trump campaign trolled Biden with a mock promo flier for the No Malarkey Tour.



  1. He and Pelosi joined the senile community long ago. I remember ol’ Joe saying if you suspect an intruder to blow a hole threw the door with you double barrel shogun. Another time he said he told his wife to just haphazardly fire the shotgun into the air to “scare” ( and simultaneously waste 1/2 your available firepower) the intruder away. for some reason ignorant Biden thinks a double barrel shotgun is easier to contol than an Ar-15 and the like, what a FOOL.

  2. At least his wife seems kind of nice, but
    Joe and Hunter are as crooked as the
    day is long. $ 83,000 a month for Hunter
    and a $ 5,000,000 golden goose for Joe

  3. Wish the handsy idjit had challenged the booth guy to a pushup contest. As for the “fat” guy, I bet he could hold a hay bale in each hand straight out for a minute. Handsy?, couldn’t even lift one.

  4. Joke Biden reminds me of former NYC Mayor Ed Koch. Koch always wanted to
    do a standup routine when he couldn’t answer questions from his constituents. The difference is that Ed was funny while Joke is tragic.

  5. My Mother, God rest her soul, was in a nursing home with dementia and until they helped her to fall and break her femur made more sense than this guy. If the Dems get in, I hope God just ends the world, very quickly

    • If God decides to end the world very quickly, putting Creepy Joe in our White House would likely be most effective.

  6. As a retired mental health nurse I would be concerned if I heard someone start talking like that. For one, I would be considering a possible stroke if not a brain tumor and would suggest a medical workup. He certainly is not (nor has he ever been) presidential material.

    In fact, I contend that it one reason Obama picked him. He wanted someone that no one would want for president so it would be unlikely someone would take him out and make Joe the president.


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