WTH? Biden Is Already Angering Supporters With “Weirdest GoFundMe” Ever

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – Former Vice President Joe Biden, the very unofficial “president-elect” of the United States, is trying to orchestrate his own transition before the election has been officially decided.

Not only is this completely inappropriate and tasteless from a man who served in one of the most corrupt administrations of all time to be wriggling to get intelligence briefings, but it’s also apparently expensive.

I guess the DNC doesn’t have the kind of funds it had when it hired Christopher Steele to put together the phony dossier that the Obama intelligence community would use to spy on a presidential candidate and then president-elect—the very same man that Biden is trying to claim he just beat in a general election.


This has apparently resulted in even Biden’s own base—that one has trouble believing is all that enthusiastic to begin with—seemingly turning against the former veep as he turns to Twitter to beg for money to keep pretending he’s going to be POTUS.

“Here’s the deal: Because President Trump refuses to concede and is delaying the transition, we have to fund it ourselves and need your help. If you’re able, chip in to help fund the Biden-Harris transition,” Biden’s official Twitter account wrote.

“Here’s the deal: you’re giving your rich donors everything they want so ask them,” replied one follower, according to BizPac Review.

“Why don’t ask your Lincoln Project friends for some of the tens of millions they pocketed? Instead of squeezing people without jobs and healthcare,” suggested another.

BPR explains that typically, tax dollars fund presidential transitions through the Government Services Administration (GSA).

Earlier this month, however—because again, this is not a settled election—the agency said it would hold off providing funds until it “ascertains the apparent successful candidate once a winner is clear based on the process laid out in the Constitution.”


There it is.

The agency’s administrator, Emily Murphy, under the 1963 Presidential Transition Act, can order funds to be dispersed upon the clear determination of a presidential winner.

As it is, the Trump campaign has filed several lawsuits which challenge, among other issues, the final vote tallies and changes made to voting laws prior to the election that were not passed in state legislatures.

“An ascertainment has not yet been made. GSA and its administrator will continue to abide by, and fulfill, all requirements under the law,” GSA spokeswoman Pamela Pennington explained in a statement.

“The GSA administrator does not pick the winner in the presidential election,” she said. “The administrator’s ascertainment is done for the purposes of making services provided by the PTA available.

“Until an ascertainment is made, the statute allows for the Biden Transition Team to continue to receive the preelect services from the government (e.g., limited office space, computers, background investigations for security clearances). GSA has met all statutory requirements under the PTA for this election cycle and will continue to do so,” she added.

Congress allocated $9.9 million to the agency for the sake of transition services.

The media has crowned Biden the “president-elect,” the official government offices that determine such things have not.

It is a straight-up bum move at best to be rattling his can in front of his supporters while the election is still being determined.

Certainly doesn’t ooze confidence that he really thinks he’s the legitimate winner, does he?

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  1. If Biden, heaven forbid, does win. Nancy will have him declared incompetent and then the dems real candidate will be in charge. Can America stand together and stop this? If not, then comes the concentration camps and the gas chambers.The democratic Governors already show signs of this with their dictator actions. They are telling people to snitch on their neighbors if they see extra cars at their neighbors homes.
    FREE AMERICA !!!!!

    • AND some schools are going to question children about Thanksgiving in their homes, how many people, etc… They said they will quarantine the kids if any rules have been broken. Folks, this is what happened under Hitler in Nazi Germany. The children told on their parents- probably not realizing the consequences. Look at Soros- he turned his whole family in. He was paid to do it.

  2. Another fund raiser? Did not Biden, as his son died of cancer, collect millions of which none went to cancer research but was paid to the staff workers of the Obama administration who also were the staff workers who ran the fund raiser? Now Biden tells the country during his campaign that he will cure cancer?

  3. With all the millions of dollars China joe got from china why don’t you use some of that money to spend instead of begging people to give you money. Spend some of your money you got from the ccp which is more than anyone has in their pockets. You have not been declared the president yet and we still have a President Donald Trump that is honest and doesn’t want dirty money from china.

  4. Hey here’s a deal ask Hunter to fund you with all the money that was funneled to him from China, Ukrain, Russia, etc. and Joe use your percentage that was kept for you.

  5. The American people should tell OLE JOE to use some of the money he and his family have taken from foreign governments from influence peddeling,.

  6. Joe Biden, and his whole organization, is a very despicable person. But I guess you can’t expect anything more of someone who has the appearance of a crime family boss.

  7. BUT YOU LOVE HIM JUST GIVE HIM YOUR MONEY, besides most biden people get paid by soros and the left, which will all stop once Trump accepts and is sworn in

  8. Biden’s cancer charity, to honor son, spent 3 million on staff salaries but zero on research, taxes show … hey slow Joe, come-on man! Borrow some funds from your crooked “charity” friends to finance your loser-filled daydream of being potus. Office of the president elect !!! LMAO!

    • The Clinton Foundation could help him out or maybe he could just ask Hunter for some of his share of the loot they took in. The media doesn’t seem to be helping with donations either. They are probably waiting to see how much they can pocket from these sleazeballs for burying all of Joe’s underhanded deals and trashing Trump 24/7.

  9. What a show our worldly handlers are giving us. Fauci and Gates announced a few years ago there will be a ‘pandemic’ coming … and bingo! These two POS have declared there will be another pandemic coming. They have been spraying toxic nano material in our skies all the while claiming it is just ‘normal’ condensation contrails … it isn’t. Now they are jamming this fraud/liar/crook/slob/pervert/useless parasite down our throats claiming he is the new anointed one that will ‘save’ us … from Trump? God help us avert these coming evil plans for global dictatorship.

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