WOW! Trump Just ENDED Rachel Maddow’s Career in Just One Sentence

March 21, 2017 10:49 pm  

(Gateway Pundit) – If you thought Trump was mad at Rachel Maddow for ILLEGALLY releasing his tax return, then you’d be 10,000% correct.

President Trump went on Watters World on Saturday night where he let it rip on Rachel Maddow.

President Trump went on a tirade against MSNBC calling them–


Later on in the interview Watters asked the president about Rachel Maddow. Trump responded to the question saying, “There’s something wrong with her!”.

Trump added that Maddow releasing his taxes was wrong and illegal.

“A tax return is a very important thing and you’re not supposed to be leaking them, and they do. They just don’t respect the law and we have to change that.”

This is the final nail in the coffin for Rachel Maddow’s credibility.

Even some leftists admitted that Rachel Maddow made Trump look good — And you really know you messed up when your own people are calling you out for your incompetence.

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