Wow! Mini-Mike Bloomberg 2015 Audio Exposes Racist Screed Against Black Men, Minorities At Aspen Institute (Audio)

(Breitbart) – Mike Bloomberg, the former Mayor of New York City running for the Democratic presidential nomination, is under fire for a resurfaced audio tape where the progressive politician defended his strategy of aggressively policing minority neighborhoods in a 2015 speech to the Aspen Institute.

Breitbart News reported the speech at the time, in which Bloomberg pushed the idea of cities taking the initiative on instituting and enforcing the gun bans.

The Aspen Times quoted Bloomberg as saying: “Cities need to get guns out of [the]… hands” of individuals who are “male, minority, and between the ages of 15 and 25.”

The full audio of the speech further revealed the racially-charged tone of Bloomberg’s comments, wherein he bluntly said of young minorities, “throw them against the wall and frisk them,” and admitted “we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods…. [b]ecause that’s where all the crime is.”

Clips from the speech went viral Tuesday morning thanks to social media posts from President Donald Trump’s campaign and associates, such as the president’s son Donald Trump Jr.

Trump himself shared the clip from his official Twitter account, writing, “WOW, BLOOMBERG IS A TOTAL RACIST!” However, at the time of this writing, that post has been deleted.

“It’s controversial, but first thing is all of your — 95 percent of your murders, and murderers, and murder victims fit one [unintelligible],” Bloomberg says to the mostly white crowd. “You can just take the description, Xerox it, and pass it out to all of the cops. They are male, minorities, 15 to 25. That’s true in New York, it’s true in virtually every city in America.”

He said, “You’ve got to get the guns out of the hands of the people getting killed. The first thing you need to do to help that group is keep them both alive.”

He suggested these young men do not have any “long-term focus” because they believe they are doing to get killed anyway. So, “it is a joke to have a gun, it’s a joke to pull the trigger. And in New York, before Giuliani got elected we had 2,300 murders. When he left office that was down to 660 murders, when I left office it was down to 333 murders a year, and it was all the same group. No one in New York gets murdered. If you get murdered, the first thing we want to do is, ‘What were selling?’ or ‘Who were your family members?’. There is no other kind of murder, whatsoever.”

Bloomberg suggested a lot of people do not understand that knowing the population which commits crime was foundational to stop and frisk.

He suggested “other cities” fail by not getting guns out of the hands of the young minorities. He said, “You have to spend money on your police department, A lot of people don’t like the fact that is what you do, that that is what stop and frisk is all about.”

He said, “People say, ‘Oh my God, you are arresting kids for marijuana, they’re all minorities.’ Yes, that’s true, why? Because we put all the cops in minority neighborhoods. Yes, that’s true, and why we do it? Because that’s where all the crime is. And the first thing we can do for people is stop them from getting killed.”

Bloomberg added, “We did a calculation on how many people would have been dead if we hadn’t brought down the murder rate and gotten guns off the street. And the way you got the guns out of the kids’ hands was to throw them against the wall and frisk them. They say, ‘Oh I don’t want to get caught,’ so they don’t bring the gun. They may still have the gun but they leave it at home.”

The Aspen Institute is the think tank behind the Aspen Ideas Festival, a utopian conference for western elites that has earned mockery for its lofty and convoluted response to first-world problems.

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  1. I don’t think what Bloomberg said is that bad or outlandish. The inner city ghettos of this country mimic the comments and he is right that it is the job of the police and elected officials to keep people alive and safe especially the innocent caught up in the gun violence.
    The irony is that most of these run down and violent areas have been run by the Democratic Party for many decades.
    The double standard of calling people and him racists for doing the work to fight crime and keep people alive is appalling! If the hard thankless work wasn’t done there would be a lot more victims!
    The methods may need a little revamping but what is the alternative? Late 80’s early 90’s violence?

  2. Well, anyone who watches the 11:00 PM news in ANY city in America would have to agree that there is considerable credibility to Bloomberg’s past comments.
    Nevertheless, it’s going to bite him in his political correct ass!!!!!
    No wonder so many of these white candidates spend so much of their time on the campaign trail apologizing!!!!
    In today’s America, you don’t dare place blame where it belongs if it involves blaming a dark skinned person.

  3. What else is new among Secular Humanists who charade around as fair-minded, non-judgemental, academic, and corporate lelitists. This is no surprise to millions of Americans who have to deal with WWB’s like “secular American Jew” Michael Bloomberg. Rich/powerful influencers in corporate America like Bloomberg and thousands of others who are covertly dangerous. They are powerful sneaks behind too many corporate doors. Too many secret corporate/society doors. They base there existence, legitimacy, and relevance to the larger in numbers majority, aka, Pale Groups, aka European descendants, aka so-called White People in the US. They enjoy wrapping themselves in the Race Card of privilege. They even identify themselves as so-called White people and enthusiastically accept all the benefits/rewards of racially structured life in America. This is nothing new. Snakes don’t change who they are, they simply shed a layer of dead skin to better sliver over and suppress their next prey (the forgetful old, the naive and uniformed young, and the far too many go alongs).

  4. The statement is truth . 90 % of the murders r committed by young blacks with illegally obtained guns . Black population was 11 % in 1970
    Now it 7 %or less ..Because of illegals here

  5. It’s way way beyond time the Democrats were exposed for the RACISTS they are. I’m sick and tired of being called a racist just because I switched parties!! Take a real look at the Lefts history. Slavery, Jim Crow, desegregation of schools, the conditions of their cities, the school systems, etc… Now this racist rant about “stop and frisk”!! Bloomberg is a total hypocrite!!!

  6. “Stop and frisk” was also shot down as being unconstitutional. The problem is not the guns. It’s a morality problem. More people are killed with hammers than guns. I don’t see him or any other democrat crusading against hammers. So he doesn’t really care about decreasing murders. Funny how the Democratic utopia of amorality, always leads to Pottersville.


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