Wow! Biden Gets Caught!…. “Who Am I Supposed To Go To Next?…” Old Joe Biden Reveals During Presser That All Of His Questions Were Pre-Planned!

(Gateway Pundit) – Gosh darn it! The puppet show was going so well.

Why did Joe have to blow it?

Joe Biden had a rally with far left media lackeys on Tuesday. The media event was held in Wilmington, Delaware.

The media was polite, respectful, never interrupted, and asked their pre-planned questions.

Just like they treat President Trump, right?

Despite all of the pre-planning to prove Joe is still a viable candidate, Old Joe let the cat out of the bag.

During questions and answers Joe Biden thought out loud, “Let’s see. Who am I supposed to go to next?…”

Biden revealed the entire show was staged.

It was all pre-planned and likely rehearsed!


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