Wow! Anti-Trump PBS Hack Yamiche Alcindor Says Covering Trump Is A “Team Sport” For Media “We Have Each Other’s Back”

She is as biased as she is stupid.

(Gateway Pundit) – Far left PBS hack Yamiche Alcindor told MSNBC that covering President Trump in the White House is a “team sport” and they have each other’s back in their hatred of the president.

This comes to a surprise to no one.

The liberal White House media has been against this president and any outsideer who threatens their leftist clique.

Yamiche Alcindor badgered President Trump about the media’s “kung flu” rumor earlier this month and attacked the president for calling the current pandemic the Chinese coronavirus.

In November Yamiche said Democrats were hoping the impeachment sham and hearings would sway Americans away from President Trump.

Yamiche called President Trump a liar at the G7 Summit.

And in November 2018 Yamiche Alcindor famously called President Trump a racist and white nationalist.

And Alcindor and her colleagues defended threats against conservative lawmakers.

On Monday Yamiche Alcindor told MSNBC that covering Trump was a “team sport” for the press and that the reporters “have each other’s back” during their attacks on the US President.



  1. This is exactly why the so-called media has no credibility with the American public. They are agenda driven propagandists and don’t even attempt to hide it anymore.

  2. Far left PBS hack Yamiche Alcindor told MSNBC that covering President Trump in the White House is a “team sport” and they have each other’s back in their hatred of the president.

    Her job on “the team” must be to cover the all-you-can eat buffet…..all by herself.

  3. How about asking intelligent questions and questions that are actually pertinent to the situation. Takes no intellect to ask inflammatory questions and questions that don’t help some of the American public understand the severity of the situation. Otherwise if you aren’t helping the situation just shut up.

    • Is it inflammatory to ask POTUS if he didn’t regret calling Covid19 the Chinese virus? If you’ve had a history (while in office) of insulting people of color and describing places as shit-hole countries, Yes, but it’s entirely in context. Let POTUS respond, just to confirm he either understands his words or doesn’t care. You see, it’s part of the job description. POTUS is supposed to represent all citizens in the US. I realize that could be an unpopular idea on this site. Sorry. This is the United States, not North Korea or Nazi Germany. Are there any people here who call the US their ancestral home? I’m talking to you, indigenous natives.

  4. PBS and the ones who want to cover each other’s back have someone in the White House, who loves freedom of speech will do his best to reduce the visibility of these asses from ever making any comments. It is us, who need to stop watching PBS and other Leftist networks to reduce the income flow of these companies and place them into the scrap heap of history. Stop watching these dangerous idiots. We will win in the end for neutrality in the information that flows from the boob tube.

  5. FOR SOMEONE THAT EARNS HER LIVING WORKING FOR PBS (a taxpayer funded media) she might want to watch her mouth, This organization is supposed to be neutral but they never have been they have always been a Liberal organization, Maybe its time for Congress to take a look at their funding, Maybe take some of OUR TAXPAYER DOLLARS AWAY let them survive on their own.

    • No reason for that, CP, she’s a useless, parasitic stooge feeding out of the taxpayer trough … and apparently gorging on more than her share!


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