Worst Racist Ever: Blacks Outperform Whites – Minorities, Non-College Grads, Blue-Collar Workers See Greatest Gains In Trump’s Historic Economy

(Gateway Pundit) – The Trump economy continues with arguably the best economy in US history.

Job numbers released today through the end of November show an increase of another 266,000 jobs! And the unemployment rate remains at historic lows of 3.5%!

The White House continues to report that this economy could arguably be the best all time… because it is.

But when you dig down into the numbers you see the Trump economy is helping minorities, non-college grads, and blue-collar workers the most.

Blacks, Hispanics and non-college graduates are seeing the greatest gains!

Trump advisor Steve Cortez broke down the numbers and explained how minorities and non-college grads are excelling the most in the Trump economy.

Steve Cortez at Real Clear Politics reported:

The headlines of the employment report deserve celebration, with 266,000 new jobs created last month, including 54,000 in manufacturing. But the details reveal even better news for the U.S. workforce. For example, the quality of the increases matches the quantity of new hires, as yearly earnings exceeded 3% growth for the 16th consecutive month, a mark seen in only three months, total, during the Obama years. In addition, those wage gains now flow overwhelmingly to workers previously left behind. For example, blue-collar wage growth exceeded white-collar wage growth; non-college grads outperformed those with degrees; and black incomes surpassed those of whites. The point here is not to engage in the divisiveness of liberal identity politics. All Americans presently enjoy robust wage growth. But it is also important to highlight the tangible benefits to groups that most needed a leg up on the economic ladder.

A key driver of the new dynamism in the labor market has been the revitalized small business sector. Hispanics, as the statistically most entrepreneurial demographic in America, benefit handsomely from the renewed zeal of start-ups. As Friday’s report detailed, the Latino jobless rate has been under 5% for 20 straight months. Prior to President Trump, there had only been one month ever of sub-5% Hispanic joblessness, back in 2006. But at last, tax and regulatory relief have unleashed the animal spirits of American strivers. No wonder a recent CNBC survey of small business owners found Trump’s approval rating at a new record high of 60%. In 2017, that same study showed only a +3% net approval/disapproval rating for the president. Now, the figure among small business owners has exploded to +20% in favor of the president.

Not surprisingly, this economic vitality is spurring record optimism, and right into the key Christmas shopping season. For example, the respected University of Michigan survey of consumer sentiment recently registered above 95.0 — for the 30th month out of the last 35. For context, the last time that study showed such a sustained level of elevated enthusiasm was during the tech boom of the late 1990s.



  1. This course of action by the Democrats is well explained in the following two resources. If you really want to understand what is going on in our government (our Country), I urge (even beg) you to read Andrew Breibart’s book called “Righteous Indignation” or at least watch Glenn Beck’s recent video called “The Democrat Hydra” on YouTube. Glenn’s video provides factual documents and text messages obtained through the Freedom Of Information Act (FOIA) and not conspiracy theory. If you agree Glenn’s information is correct, you can do your part like I am by spreading it around. Do as others have done, copy this entire comment and paste it in your social media networks. Yes, I keep posting this in hopes to reach new readers. We need to do something, not just talk about it. This is a well organized strategy by the Deep State and there is proof if you are willing to research it.

  2. President Trump’s economy, not Obama’s, has helped more minorities come our of poverty and unemployment than any other President since Reagan. Democrats have made numerous claims that this is all Obama’s doing, the numbers are false, among other claims…and then finally totally ignoring the real factual great economical news only focusing on impeachment, even though all the so called “evidence” is based upon supposition, opinion, and speculation from 3rd party so called “experts.” The facts are there, the numbers are real, Trump’s economical policies have worked for all, but, especially minorities. The reason the Democrats either ignore it or do their best to “vilify” it is that they want minorities “dependent” upon the government…their own modern day “slavery” if you will. This is more news of America “winning” in spite what the Democrats have attempted to do to remove Trump from office. They can’t touch him, he owes no one, he’s still getting things done, and this frustrates Democrats horribly.

  3. Trump is doing REALLY good things for the Black, and Latino community, in terms of helping them get EMPLOYMENT. This is something that the Democrats have NEVER done ! All they want to do is keep Blacks, and Latinos down, and on WELFARE !

  4. kenneth fichtl-
    where are the lies-people are working -at a greater pace than just about any time
    in the history of america-true–jobs like mickey D are supposed to be entry level and teach a work ethic-not all people get it-
    as for career politicians like pelosi-schiff nadler-etc–unfortunately -the founding fathers never foresaw the job of governing our country as a full time obligation-
    since a lot -if not most of them were business persons having diverse backgrounds
    but not looking to become full time politico’s-and probably never gave much thought to getting rich at the cost of their constituents-and becoming corrupt since that is what happens to most long term politicians-in those days it is possible that the majority of legislators were probably not wealthy and some came out of government fairly poor-quite unlike the democrats brood–at least most republicans have the courtesy to be wealthy before going into the legislature–

  5. butch–not many people -without job skills ever just walk in and get mid level management jobs -so what is your point–the main point should be that people are working and not sucking at the government teat-and surprise -surprise -it only took cutting out a lot of waste-and free stuff-historic levels of unemployment – and the
    most historic of all-persons of color having their lowest unemployment -EVER–
    for 8 years a president of color could not figure out how to do it–

  6. The Dems are in panic mode. Their platform: hate Trump, impeach Trump (because we hate him), everything for free (don’t mind the talk about how taxes will skyrocket for the middle class to accomplish the “everything for free” narrative as the rich will take their businesses overseas), hate Trump, impeach him (because we can’t beat him), pay no attention to the robust economy, hate Trump (because we don’t like his tone, impeach Trump. That’s all folks.

  7. Never in a long lifetime (85 years ) have I ever seen such a chaotic level of partisan strife and cut throat behavior …worse than a tin pot 3rd world dictatorship .
    Trumps imperative to clarify just why a “Ukrainian oil company ” hired Joe Biden’s son Hunter , a man with a troubled background …and no knowledge of the petroleum industry as a “board member” during the 2016 election year…for a bloated salary of nearly a million dollars annual pay plus other possible undisclosed blandishments ! “bribery” …”Quid pro Quo ” you say ? The American taxpayers who are providing massive aid to Ukraine have a right to know the details … And Trump has an obligation to pursue the issue .. Without pressing for Ukrainian Government cooperation – a substantive investigation would be impossible .
    The vindictive Democrat camp has had the brazen audacity to rebadge this initiative as a “crime ” under the most fatuous of pretexts .
    I challenge anyone to dispute this undeniable reality !
    In spite of an open minded and objective consideration of all factors , I can only condemn the impeachment process as a chrome plated mob lynching exercise to undermine Trump’s image even as the the process heads for the Senate trashcan !

  8. The ignorant shit bag democrap supporters want to get assed out, when they get assed out, hey what happen Lucy then they live in pelosi Villiers, no hope no nothing. Nice choice. They sure do help there supporters.

  9. And the dim wit dems say he’s doing nothing but destroying democracy,we know who’s trying to destroy America, #democratcommunistparty

  10. The Democratic Party has ALWAYS maneuvered policies to KEEP the Black and Hispanic races poor and uneducated. The Black and Hispanic races are now seeing things clearly and NOT from their immensely paid leaders who can ONLY keep their money if they keep their populous poor and uneducated. NO Charter Schools, no jobs, NO RESPECT.

  11. Not to knock Trump and his quest to create more jobs, but the minorities taking so many of the new jobs are not getting mid-level management jobs.

    They are taking entry level jobs. Many of them have never worked before, have no skills and usually do not hold a job very long.

    It is a good thing they are working for a change, and maybe many have been forced to find some kind of employment. Trump cut their welfare and food stamps. So they have to work.

    • Having to work to support yourself or you family? What a concept Charity abd aid was meant to be part time not forever. Micky D’s workers and Politicians was never suppose to be a LIFE CAREER!!! Besides this article is GOP lies.

  12. Well all that economic news is great! But what is pathetic and shows just how braindead the democratic party and their ignorant and blind followers have going for them is how much all the pansies hate TRUMP! I will sum up the democratic platform in a few simple words and it is not rocket science to understand it but to all the leftwing nuts it will seem like it is! YOU HATE TRUMP-WE HATE TRUMP! VOTE FOR ME AND ITS FREE! IMPEACH TRUMP! Those few words sums up the ignorant ass democratic party!


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