Woman Recording Strzok Testimony On Own TV Catches Creepiest Moment By Far

July 13, 2018 6:30 pm  

(Conservative Tribune) – July 12, 2018, was an important day for our august republic. Before then, we only knew FBI Agent Peter Strzok by his texts. On Thursday, we finally got to judge him up close. And, whoa.

Strzok is, at the very least, a man who ought to look into eliminating caffeine from his diet. He also ought to look into explaining things, since he barely answered anything in a substantive manner that wasn’t a calculated applause line.

However, at one point in the hearing, Strzok decided to get genuinely weird and creepy. You would have been excused for having missed it, given that these hearings go on for hours and there’s only so much screaming the average human being can take.

Once you see it, however, you can’t unsee it. And one woman probably couldn’t believe it when she caught it:

That’s “Silence of the Lambs” material right there. I’m not going to give a diagnosis here, given that I’m not medically qualified, but I will say this much — I wouldn’t expect to see that from a mentally healthy person.

As Twitchy catalogued, there was a lot of Twitter reaction to this.

And some even wondered whether it was real or not.

“So, Clarice…”

It’s hard to resist speculating on what malady Strzok might be suffering from. Immaturity, sure. This is a man who thought it was totally appropriate to act like this during a Senate hearing. However, may I cite “Trump Derangement Syndrome” as another distinct possibility?

A close relative of “Bush Derangement Syndrome” (whose eminent discoverer, sadly, has recently passed), Trump Derangement Syndrome has affected individuals since the moment he declared his candidacy, but the horrifying nature of the disease has been much more pronounced of late, indicating a more dire presentation.

We’ve seen recent outbreaks of the disease in Virginia and Vancouver, in a Cheesecake Factory and at a Louisville eatery.

You might have thought that this was confined to restaurants, but no — it looks like it’s spread to Capitol Hill, too.

Peter Strzok thinks there’s genuinely nothing wrong with his texts with Lisa Page, which displayed a shocking level of bias during several investigations that he was a part of, and says there’s nothing he particularly needs to answer for.

His performance on Thursday was unhinged, yet that just endeared him to Democrats more. Because apparently screaming and yelling represent the new civility, and don’t you dare tell anyone otherwise. That face is totally normal, too. Welcome to Trump Derangement nation.


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