With Unemployment Rate At 15% – Nine RINO Senators Including Lindsey Graham Push President Trump To Offer More Work Visas To Foreigners (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – The unemployment in the United States today is at 15%. There are over 39 million Americans who have lost their jobs due to the coronavirus.

And yet on Wednesday nine US Republican Senators wrote President Donald Trump telling him not to restrict work visas for foreigners.

Lindsey Graham was one of nine RINOs who want to bring in more foreign workers when there are 39 million Americans out of work.

These people are soulless.

These RINOs insist it will be good for the economy. Seriously?

Lou Dobbs tonight challenged any of these RINOs to come on his show and debate him on their proposal.

He’s not holding his breath.

Featured image credit: Gage Skidmore – flickr.com/photos/gageskidmore/22682963476



  1. Senator Graham speaks out of both side of his mouth, so I don’t expect any investigation from him any time soon. You can’t trust these Rhinos to do the right thing in a time when so many Americans are unemployed. I believe these Rhino and long time Washington politicians will not think twice to sabatage the president or throw him under the bus and it is sad because when it comes to destroying someone the democrats are always United to a fault, for that you can give the democrats and the fake news credit they are one force.

  2. I think our elected leaders especially those at the national level have lost all credibility when it comes to common sense
    Why would we while going through this health crisis open our borders and allow foreign workers to come here? I thought the entire premise of being isolated was to STOP the spread of this virus American workers should be given first priority when it comes to jobs, Democrats need to go in November but there are some Republicans that need to go as well

    • A least on of them has an appropriate name — CRAPO. Although I am a republican voter, I am proud to say I have not contributed to the election campaigns of any of these RHINOs, because of their actions (non-action in some cases). Graham can stew in his own juices — if he had exercised the responsibility of his position and pursued action against the democrat hustlers, we would all be in a better position. Now he is asking for sworn testimony (of subordinates not the king/queen, mind you) — I have to say its about time, but why did you delay so long?

  3. I’m STILL waiting for all of the investigations that Lindsay has promised to open over all of what’s come out of “Obamagate”. But I guess this bringing in of foreign workers is much more important to him. Glad to see you’ve got your priorities all straightened out, Graham…..


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