Wisconsin School District Abandons ‘A-F’ Grading Scale To Prevent Stress

(Breitbart) – A school district in Madison, Wisconsin, has made the controversial decision to abandon the common “A to F” grading system based in favor of a system that is “kinder” to students. Now, top students will be graded as “exceeding” while failing students will be “emerging.”

According to a report by the College Fix, the Madison Metropolitan School District has announced that they are doing away with the traditional “A-F” grading system in favor of a new system that is gentle on students.

The report, which was written by Christian Schneider, a parent in the school district, claims that the district has introduced four new categories to replace the traditional grading scale. Schneider noticed that his second-grade daughter’s report card featured words like “exceeding” and “emerging” instead of letter grades.

“Exceeding” – Student consistently exceeds grade-level expectations for the end of the year.

“Meeting” – Student consistently meets grade-level expectations for the end of the year.

“Developing” – Student is developing understanding and is approaching grade-level expectations for the end of the year.

“Emerging” – Student begins to show initial understanding of grade-level expectations for the end of the year.

Schneider points out that the new grading system doesn’t apply directly to a student’s performance in each subject. Instead, students are graded on their ability to work in groups and tell stories.

The two scales don’t match up largely because the new grades assigned don’t address a specific class or subject – they deal mostly with behavior. The “Exceeding-Emerging” scale applies to 40 different classifications. Instead of being graded on “math” or “science,” my daughter is being graded on “Tells a story or describes an experience,” “cooperates with partners and in groups,” and “understands and identifies stages in the life cycle of insects.”

Breitbart News reported in January 2019 that a guest speaker at American University told faculty members that it was racist to judge the quality of a student’s writing when grading a paper. The guest speaker, a professor in the University of Washington system, argued that traditional grading practices perpetuate “white supremacy.”



  1. I grew up in Madison, WI, graduating high school in 1980. The liberal crap they taught was appalling. The day I moved away at age 31 I shook the dust from my feet. My best friends from high school still live there and now support Bernie Sanders. I know our high school history teacher taught history In a way that impressed me that Communism is abhorrent. Yet here they are years later jumping on Commie Sanders bandwagon along with there 20-something kids. They even worked on his campaign in 2016. There must be something in the water there in Madison. I’m just happy to be out of that 80 square miles of fantasy surrounded by reality.

  2. I’m not happy with this arbitrary way to access course achievement. I can’t imagine why a public school which should be consistent with all other public schools nationwide has this kind of grading system. I could imagine a private school saying something like this, however it would make it difficult for the public school to help transition the students. I’m also thinking of the college entrance requirements. How will students qualify? What about AP classes, etc? What the Hell is going on????? If students and parents agree with this system it should be one that prepares the student for vocational training, not for higher levels of competency for occupations that requirement higher levels of critical thinking skills. This touchy, feel-ly, don’t want to offend, or stress out the students is for the birds. School is for studying. Take away the play time until they finish their course work. School is the student’s job. Just like their parents have a job. Everyone must fulfill the requirement to their obligation.

  3. What a load of Bovine Scatology!!! The Communist School Board in Madison, WI must be loaded with brain dead, propaganda driven Communist stooges to come up with a boat load of shiite like this! Every last one of that Board needs to be voted out of office and the citizens in Madison need to elect some people with some COMMON SENSED!!!

    • I hope medical schools don’t take up this grading system! This is what you get with radical progressive liberalism.

  4. Duh duh duh. Dumbing down of America kids. Excuse me Wisconsin kid, yes sir. Could you tell me how many branches are there is the US government? Ah, there are branches in the government??? You mean like a tree! Yes but not a tree though. Can I you my smart phone to google the answer. No, you should have learn that in civics class. What’s civics? Well how about US history class then? Oh we don’t get classes on the imperialistic USA , it’s evil. So how many branches are there son. Oh you are stressing me out sir I am going to have a break down. I need to go an see my mommy and have her rub my head. But son your 32 years old aren’t you too old for that? No my mommy makes me feel so good and I never have to grow up. Ok Wisconsin person calm down. I need my play dough and my zoloft and xanax. If war broke out like WWII how would your generation handle what previous generations did in facing death. I would have my mommy tell the government that I would not go, that’s all. I have to take a nape now in my mommy’s cellar.

  5. If you show up to class we will give you a passing grade regardless if you actually do anything to earn it. Participation diplomas will be awarded for all who walk in the door even if you can’t read the name of the class on the door.

  6. A school system that most colleges will probably NOT accept as being good enough to allow a child to be accepted into their college. This school system will be producing useless students with useless diplomas!

  7. if our traditional A-F judging and grading system is ‘white supremacy’, then let’s use the black, brown, yellow, red or green supremacy model. Oh wait, they too would be racist and discriminatory.

  8. So when they become adults and don’t feel like taking responsibility for their actions they can tell the boss a good story. That is less stressful than working hard. Let’s hope none of them aspire to medical or rocket science, or any other profession where clear communication and math skills are required. Hmm, that just leaves ‘politician’ as a career choice.

  9. Do you pass them to the next grade if they pass the stress tests? How ignorant your school board has become! Don’t worry about what they have learned but give them passing grades if they pass the stress test. I think they can not spell, do mathematics, know nothing of history, and do not kno English or literature! Maybe that would put the teachers in a bad light because they do not know what they are doing or if they do know they are socialist communists and should not be anywhere near our children!

  10. How can one interpret an A to F grading system as racist? Sick to say in kindly!
    Stress experience is important in the acceleration to perform in whatever you do.
    We need to see the goal and incentive to perform better, rather than to strive for a mediocre average. A grading system just does this and our past amply document this.
    Wake up you looser. Sorry for your students future.

    • I wonder how these dumb ass school officials would like if the doctor operating on them was graded in this manner in med school. Demonstrates the rot in our colleges! I would think parents/voters would demand better. But then again, it looks like our millenial parents don’t care as long as their off=spring feel good about themselves.

  11. Grade of academic quality for the Madison Metropolitan School District: F-

    Reason: Failure to render grades that assess ability of students to master learning at relative grade levels. Reflects failure of the school district to complete essential functions of a successful educational establishment. Without substantial improvement this educational institution should be dis-established and /or all students permitted to attend school of choice on state-provided vouchers .

  12. In Detroit, we had half semesters, A & B. If you didn’t pass the half-semester you could take it over without losing a whole year. I screwed up in the last half of the ninth grade and had to take it over. I did much better and passed with a higher grade allowing me to qualify for a better high school. I was able to get a good job work 42 years and retire 16 years ago. Failing a half grade didn’t deter me, it made me work harder.

  13. What a load of crap. How is this sort of thing going to prepare them for the realities of the cold cruel world? At the very least, how is this sort of thing supposed to measure what they have actually learned, or what they still need to learn? How would they learn enough science to become scientists, and ultimately physicians, if they don’t know what they don’t know? How would they learn enough to allow them to become anything, for that matter? How will they be able to bear any criticism, or maybe real failure?

  14. I’m sure that a lot of you out there have seen the movie “Idiocracy” – if you HAVEN’T then YOU MUST SEE IT -it’s a hilarious comedy . This is what our country will be like in 30-40 years if the “today’s Millennials” are in charge !!!!!! Lol

  15. That reminds me of my college days. One of the degree requirements for my physics degree was to take two years of German language. I thought it was great. But there was so much griping by some students that after
    I had taken the courses, the university changed it to a survey course without learning the language.

  16. I thought that the teachers, administrators, Etc in the PUBLIC school system were supposed to be mentally competent. Apparently I was grossly mistaken!!! Lets GRADE the so called intellectuals who are in charge of guiding our children in their scholastic journey. In other words (Take the trash out!!!)

  17. Another idiot, progressive professor who received grant money on a study of what causes stress in students of color.
    If you are polka dotted You may feel left out or abandoned by your peers. Because you can’t rap.
    Me thinks the professor left a few marbles
    Rolling around on his laptop.

  18. Why don’t we just hand out a diploma in the first grade and state that the student has attended and passed with flying colors all the requirements of graduation.

  19. I had a classmate that had to struggle in High School, but they did and graduated at 20. I have had great respect for them, they wanted to graduate and stuck to it until they made it. What will happen to these people when they get into the real cruel adult world. Some will be workers and some will be come bosses or will they all just be employees.

  20. Man I thought I had seen stupid but this takes the cake. If a student is failing because of lack of effort to fail. WELCOME to the real world.
    If you don’t work you don’t eat
    If you don’t try you fail,
    some will do better than others. Just what are you teaching this student? All are not equal but everybody has talent they can use.
    But if you tell a student they don’t have to try you are dooming them to failure.

  21. My son’s last high school report card came home with 3 clovers, 2 rainbows, and a unicorn. We’re applying to Berkeley. Fingers crossed but it looks good so far!

  22. This school district has already failed their students. Stress is a part of everyday life. If they do not learn to handle it while in school, what will they do in life? Fail?, commit suicide, what?

    • Yeah that’ll teach the Snowflakes’ kids how the REAL WORLD works when dealing with stress- wouldn’t DARE expose the little darlings to such cruelty- OMG I think I’m going to puke LOL

  23. Heaven forbid these pampered kids have to face reality. It’s sad these kids will have no life skills. Will their future bosses give them an “emerging” workplace?

  24. Wow, how about get off the damn video games,Do your homework. Or youll sit in summer school. Your getting Fs.That means failing. Why does everything need sugarcoated. The future worries me.

  25. OMG…another example of everyone gets a participation trophy just for showing up. How are these students’ grades going to be extrapolated to “real” grades for college/university admission?

    • Bud, HOW? Well first, please tell me if there is anything in ‘modern’ life that doesn’t trigger some X, Y or Z-Gener or that isn’t the explicit fault of “Old WHITE Men”? No wonder we “Old WHITE educated and stable men”, we Baby Boomers and many Millennials are DONE with these FUGLY “never worked a job in their lives” black-masked Cry-Baby Snowflakes, along with obese purple and green haired Feminazis and LGBT…….. perverts, screamers and shriekers, all living in flop houses or their mommy’s basements. They will reap the seeds that they sow … ignorance, violence, poverty, hunger and misery. Life is tough, life on the streets is no box of chocolates. With no education, no tolerance, no patience, no attempt at understanding others, no job or work for their kind, no money, no independent thought, tons of dope and a world of HURT, they will all get what they deserve … poverty, prison, prostitution and pan-handling. Their schools may not want to grade them; but real life WILL! I won’t mourn for them … a life of destitution and a slow painful early death. Bye-bye, too bad, so sad!

  26. And people wonder why our country is sooooo messed up. We only have to look at our FAILING education system and the fools running it!! Can’t wait to see the next generation!

  27. The kids subjected to this new evaluation system may feel “less” stess but as soon as they interact with the real world, ir the world outside their fake cacoon, they will soon realize they are unprepared for life and in fact are…Losers. the parents who support this shoukd be arrested for child abuse.

  28. At the rate we are going with this grading system in 20 years the kids won’t know what 2 plus 2 means. Let’s get back to the old schooling like in the 50s and 60s and they have to study. We made it through the 12 years plus so they can to. Get rid of the calculators and computers in schools until they get to the senior year. Make them use their miinds. I hate it when my bill at a fast food place is $1.23 and I give them $5.25 and they don’t know how to give you back $4.02 in change.

  29. Just another way to push the uneducated through to the next Grade Level…. It’s like giving them all a Participation Trophy just for showing up to class!! It’s sad how they are making kids DUMB these days.

  30. Stress??? Are you kidding me?? We are raising a new generation of Wimps and PUSSIES. God help us. First…PARTICIPATION AWARDS and now THIS!!!


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