Wisconsin Governor Incensed Over State Supreme Court Putting An End To His Tyrannical Rule

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The coronavirus charade continues. Democratic governors all across the country got a whiff of tyrannical control and now there may never be any going back. The precedent these overlords have set for the future governing of states is scary.

Lockdowns have dragged on for months and months, countless businesses have been forced to close their doors for good, our personal liberties and freedoms have been utterly trampled on, and medical tyranny in the form of a mandatory vaccine is on the horizon.

America hardly resembles America anymore but there may still be some hope still left in the judicial system.

Wisconsin’s Democratic Governor Tony Evers (pictured at top) is fuming after his recent defeat in the State Supreme Court. The Court ruled that Evers’ latest COVID-19 stay-at-home order was an overreach of his authority.

It’s good to see there are still courts in this country willing to uphold the constitution.

The Court handed down a 4-3 ruling that Evers’ attempt to extend the state’s lockdown order for another month without the legislature was unconstitutional.

Now Evers is livid with Wisconsin Republicans. Of course, because when the constitution is upheld by a nonpartisan, unbiased court Democrats default to blaming Republicans. What does that tell you?

“Today, Republican legislators convinced four members of the state Supreme Court to throw the state into chaos. They have provided no plan. There’s no question among anybody that people are going to get sick. Republicans own that chaos,” Evers said in a conference call.

Awe. Evers sounds really hurt. Apparently, Evers has forgotten that illness and viruses and people getting sick are just part of life. There is really no evidence to justify these absurd and Draconian lockdowns that Democrats are so fond of.

It’s truly entertaining to think that Democrats actually believe they can prevent the spread of illness.

According to The Washington Times, the court’s ruling “essentially reopens the state” and does away with limits on gatherings and allows people to travel as they please. It also allows for hurting businesses to reopen including bars and restaurants.

Tony Evers is downright incensed that Americans under his rule should be allowed to live their own lives and make decisions for themselves without his oversight and instruction.

Unfortunately, local governments within Wisconsin are still free to impose whatever COVID restrictions and mandates they’d like on residents and that’s just what happened.

In Dane County, where state capital Madison is located, officials wasted no time imposing a mandate that incorporated much of what the struck-down state order had. City officials in Milwaukee informed residents that the stay-at-home order they issued in late March still remains in effect.

If Joe Biden manages to get himself inaugurated we all have real reason to fear a national extended lock-down period. He has said that he would “shut it down” if advised by “scientists” and it already appears he is surrounding himself with “scientists” that are pro-lockdown.

The bigger concern is the possibility of Democrats pushing for a national vaccine mandate. Imagine what life could be like for Americans who refuse to get injected with a potentially dangerous and harmful vaccine. A vaccine that is supposed to protect us from a virus that will not likely kill or leave lasting effects for most of us.

If President Trump fails to beat the Dems corruption and they steal this election, things are going to go from bad to worse in the US very quickly.

Featured image credit: Wisconsin CIJ – flickr.com/photos/wisconsinwatch/39889091473/

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  1. Do these wannabe emperors in elected positions see themselves as ‘better’, and ‘smarter’ than we who voted them into office? The content of character in these stooges, rat party patsies doesn’t pass the smell tests of honesty and integrity. I remain amazed at the number of these people (morally depraved boneheads) who have risen to places of power over the citizenry.

  2. We will never surrender….the loon’s the biggest cheating “bas____s” in the USA!!….don’t give in and keep up the fight President Trump!…behind you 100%!!!!!!

  3. Phlegmocratic voters must be born with a recessive gene or a few less chromosomes! After watching the way their Party has behaved, especially the SQUAT over last four years, they STILL vote these bastards back into office! They may rue the day if Doltin Joe and Kameltoe actually win!

  4. Those overlords of oppression will face their own taste of abuse
    They tend to suppress the weak, love to abuse and hate to the end of the world
    There is no used to changing them nor voting them out of office
    Last result for this treason action is the firing squad
    But we are too soft with these overlords…
    That is why we are kicked by the ANTIFA, BLM and others who hate us for our principles
    Now it is time WE the PEOPLE a start kicking back if we are really truly believers of our freedom and liberty
    They will take away our rights to worship first!!!!!!!

  5. People, think about this ! First the left demonize the medication hydroxychloquine which has been used for years by the military, by countries where malaria is rampant and documented by doctors to have been successful for thousands of their patients to prevent the illness to cause their patients to have serious results as a result of the virus infection and the medication, yet it is vilified by the left, who keep citizens in lock down destructive living. states without the lock down measures fair just about as well if not better than the states without the debilitating lockdown. THINK! The democrats appear to use the draconian measures of lock down to imprison American Citizens, keeping them at the end of their leash.
    P.S. The countries where malaria is rampant and the people take Hydoxychloiquine for the malaria DO NOT have a virus pandemic like the countries around them. Americans are being played with the instrument of fear as the democrats deny us the ability to be free from this virus inducing fear.

  6. Luckily the Wisconsin Supreme Court is still dominated by conservative leaning judges as is the Wisconsin legislature. Tony Evers is an empty suit – he doesn’t have a mind of his own. Nothing but a puppet for the left!

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