Wicked Woman! Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi Will Not Support Iranian Freedom Protesters – Pure Evil (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – More Iranians who were brutally murdered by the Khomeinist regime during the November protests are being identified.

In November 1,500 democracy protesters were slaughtered in the streets of Iran by the brutal and wicked Khamenei regime.

This weekend, after the regime finally admitted to shooting down the Ukrainian passenger plane earlier this week, thousands of brave Iranians took to the streets to protest the regime. These brave protesters take to the streets knowing they may face death for standing against Khamenei.

There was an AMAZING display at Besheshti University– Protesters REFUSED to step on the US and Israeli flags!

But Nancy Pelosi will not support these brave Iranians.

Sunday on ABC Nancy Pelosi REFUSED to support the Iranian freedom protesters.

She even questioned the reason why they were on the street.

This is an evil woman.




  1. This article is so right; Pelosi is one of the evilest people I have seen. It is time to put this witch out to pasture.

  2. Nancy and her fellow wicked democrats have proven once again they are un American traitors which I believe the evil witch Nancy wicked witch Pelosi has committed treason against our USA. She failed to uphold her oath of office, she defends illegals over American Citizens she supports murder of unborn and born babies, now she supports the murderous radical Islamic Iran iatolaassahola… we must demand the removal of all democrats from our halls of Congress and should demand they leave the USA. They are a terrorist hate group. Hatred beyond belief against our great nation and they do not deserve to be here. The party of evil hateful despicable people and they need to be gone.

  3. You are so right, she is an evil woman who will burn in hell forever if she does not change and ask for forgiveness for her evil ways.

  4. Let’s see the dems are against the uprising in China and now the uprising in Iran. They have become full fledged communist. They are for the uprising of our own gov’t though. It’s all about controlling everything you do, think and how you live. It’s their one world gov’t control, but they can’t do tha as long as there are people rebelling against those authoritarian regimes.

  5. Wow and this is from the GOOD CATHOLIC who doesn’t hate anyone, but she supports abortion. Wait, it can’t be because theres more money in supporting the current regime? Kind of like Ukraine. Just follow the money trail and you’ll see where her loyalties lie. Maybe her son can get a job there too- kind of like Hunter. Or maybe she’s been busy making more commercials after all, seems the oil industry seems to be where her loyalties lie. And all these elites who think she’s got it all figured out.

  6. What makes Democrats so Stupid? I have still not figured it out yet. Their minds are mentally ill. They have no rational thoughts whatsoever. I just don’t understand.

  7. Her God and Religion are herself. Her incomprehensive statements are proof that her hatred has poisoned her mind.
    This creature and the rest of the PARTY should be renamed “THEMSELVES.” (aka) Cult of Evil.

  8. Please make sure you vote Republican, to get these evil snakes from our government.I hope the Ca people will make sure they vote her and rest of the do nothing Democrats out.Considering they have done nothing to help the people there.Only the illegals.I hope they make their voice heard.Vote all of them out.

    • Connect the dots. The reason Hillary got enough extra votes in California to give her a majority in the country is because California initiated giving illegal aliens drivers licenses several years ago. The fact is, if you have a license, you are empowered to fully participate in financial and political activities. Today California is a sanctuary state providing resources and protection for growing numbers of foreign citizens otherwise designated as illegal aliens. They are given everything they need and aren’t required to contribute anything except votes. Since San Francisco is also a sanctuary city, Nancy Pelosi is guaranteed the votes she needs to stay in power. The Democrat credo should be: “you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours”. It’s a system that works (for them). It’s time for the sheople in California to step up and remove Pelosi, Schiff, and a number of other Democrat crooks, but will they?

  9. Nancy Pelosi has shown her true face, and not for the first time! She must be removed from office by any and all means available, and never allowed anywhere near political office again!

  10. The House Republicans should introduce a measure backing the Iranians who are demanding democracy and demand a roll cal vote so everyone will be on record. Also start a public petition expressing the American People’s love, respect and support for the courageous protesters. I am sure millions of we Americans would support it. I would start it myself if I knew how

  11. Pelosi will not back the honest people of Iran protesting against their terrorist government but Pelosi will back the terrorist.

  12. What is the matter with this woman? The protesters are
    PRO WESTERN – not stepping on American OR Israeli flag. That’s a clear cut sign of the mindset of these iranian protesters. And wrinkle face pelosi can’t – WON’T show any support for them? She needs to be voted out!!!!!

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