White Liberal Attacks Black Man For Trying To Remove BLM Signs From Fence

Oh, the irony

(Infowars) – Video out of California shows an angry white liberal try to tackle a woke black man for tearing down Black Lives Matter signs plastered over a mesh fence across his street.

“Why are you tearing them down?” the man recording asks.

“I’m tired of seeing it on the fence,” the man said as he ripped BLM signs down. “Because I live right there and I’m sick of fucking seeing it.”

That’s when the white liberal suddenly attempted to tackle the man, yelling, “Don’t tear shit down! Get the fuck out of here!”

“This is MY fucking block bro!” the deranged white liberal shouts at the black man, who restrains himself and backs away from the confrontation.

The irony of a white man who supposedly supports Black Lives Matter berating a black man was not lost on social media.




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