White House Correspondent Said Biden Didn’t Know He Had A Press Conference Thursday

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The American people were informed that President Joe Biden would be preparing for his first press conference since being sworn into office, taking questions from journalists, but it seems the man himself has no idea that this event is actually happening.

According to Infowars, Fox News correspondent Peter Doocy stated on Wednesday that when Biden was asked if he was prepared for the presser, he replied by saying, “What press conference?”

So either this guy has way more cognitive issues than we even realize, not being able to remember his own schedule, or the folks in his administration never told him it was happening. Either one of these theories is incredibly unsettling.

Doocy went on to state that he has a “binder full of questions” he would like to ask the president, since “it’s been a while.”

Some folks have tried to cover for the president here by stating that Biden was just telling a joke, but if you look at the actual video footage of the incident, he looks very confused. Not only that, but he forgot his mask too.

On Wednesday, President Biden handed yet more duties off to his vice president, while also appearing not to know what in the world he was actually doing.

It’s becoming more and more clear that the reason the president’s handlers keep him away from the media is because they don’t want the world to see that our commander-in-chief is not playing with a full deck of cards. You can almost guarantee that Biden will not be president for the entirety of his term. How long he will be able to serve is anyone’s guess, but we should all get used to saying President Harris in the meantime.

We’ve been witnessing Biden’s cognitive decline ever since he announced his bid for the White House. How many interviews with the press did he conduct from his basement bunker during lockdown in which he looked confused, mumbled, spoke incoherently, and often lost his train of thought? How about almost all of them.

You can’t say there’s nothing wrong with this guy. Something is very much wrong. What’s sick and sad is the Democratic Party used the guy in order to get the person they wanted in the White House. And that person wasn’t Biden. It was Harris. Easy to mold and manipulate to help them achieve their agenda.

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  1. We have a puppet president because of the democrat’s support and use of voter fraud. Now we have corrporations objecting to the use of voter lID to avoid the fraud:
    “Two hundred corporations issued a joint statement opposing election integrity legislation similar to Georgia’s recently passed voter ID law, while many require identification to use their services.”

    Interesting: ID required for you to use their services, but not to secure a legal vote.

  2. The biggest danger to our national security and the welfare of the American people is the crap that is promoted as news and the Biden administration, not the Chinese. Biden works for the Chinese.

  3. “Over 100 companies joined to condemn the law after it was signed, including Facebook, Google, Bank of America, Apple, Microsoft, Coca-Cola, American Express, Delta, and the Home Depot.”

    I find it of interest that the companies who join together to condemn the efforts of states to ensure election integrity are many of the companies who encouraged voter fraud activities, denying legals votes to be silenced by illegal votes. They have abandoned the American People.

    • O We dont have to buy their products, I have made it a point not to if there are other alternatives available, We dont have to put up with their crap we have the power of the purse, I used to buy a lot of products at HOME DEPOT but now LOWES WORKS FOR ME.

  4. We are now a Government of the criminal, by the criminal , for the criminal …

    “Sources told the New York Post this week that Cuomo, along with New York State Democrats, is negotiating a $2.1 billion fund where at least 187,000 illegal aliens and 87,000 felons could receive taxpayer-funded unemployment benefits that mirror state and federal benefits. . . .

    Illegal alien and felon recipients could receive up to $28,600 a year thanks to the taxpayer-funded benefits, according to analysts. Weekly, illegal aliens and felons could receive $500 a week. For those unemployed since March 2020, recipients could receive on average $12,600.”


  6. We have had a intellectually empty president put in the White House with people in the shadows pulling the strings.

    i look across this country and recognize the pattern growing . Democratic governors , mayors and presidents initiating destructive policies and actions that are destroying and harming Americans and America. Congress filled with people who have, in all practicality, buried any accountability on their part to the Constitution or the law, have demonstrated a disregard and contempt for the people of his country with their incestuous lying to us and to themselves, thus denying the citizens their God given rights as enumerated in the Constitution. They openly swear an oath with NO intention to fulfill that oath. They open the border during the Obama years to illegal entrance into the country burdening the American citizens with the expense of their being here and the diseases and crime that they have brought with them. Even now the democrats with the mole Fauci have denied large populations of the right to earn a living and now pass out our money to the illegals, money we as a country do not have then tell us they will raise taxes to pay for the democrats wasteful and irresponsible management of “shovel ready projects”. The corrupted CDC tells us that the virus , which to a large extent could be cured with pills that cost 5 cents a piece are demonized by the democrats, is on the uprise as this same government invites and allows virus contagious people into the country and them transport them across the country and dumps them in unsuspecting communities.

    There is more but most likely you the reader are aware of the issues BUT these untrustworthy and corrupt democratic members are still doing this over and over to us as they fix elections for the future ,so they will continue to bleed this country as they keep an intellectually empty person in office with people in the shadows pulling the strings.

    • PS. They keep opening the bottle of corrupting influences and pouring their evil into our communities “People 21 and over in Virginia could legally possess and grow small amounts of marijuana beginning in July under changes the governor is proposing to legislation the General Assembly passed this year”

      More death coming and destruction to our Young peoples lives with this democratic hell bent administration.

    • Governor Blackface only appeasing his party’s future voting block of blacks and derelicts by giving them weed ,food stamps, welfare , and Lord knows what else 0 .
      He should consider starting his own abortion clinic with his expertise in removing clumps of cells from uteruses once leaving office . For free of course .

  7. I have been saying the obvious that democratic run cities and states are the hell pits, but the empty heads keep electing democrats or democrats wearing republican suits.

    “Nolte: As Democrat-Run Cities Go to Hell, Life Remains Safe and Clean in MAGA Land

    PORTLAND OR – SEPTEMBER 6: Protesters chant in front of a fire near the North police precinct during a protest against racial injustice and police brutality on September 6, 2020 in Portland, Oregon. Sunday marked the 101st consecutive night of protests in Portland.
    JOHN NOLTE29 Mar 2021453
    If we could remove Democrat-run cities from America, America would no longer have gun violence or hate crime or mass-shooting or homeless or violent crime or policing or pollution crises.

    I’m not saying America would be perfect. What I am saying is that the “crises” would go away.

    In other words, the only thing stopping America from being a safe and clean country where we all live together without any racial tensions, are these shithole cities where Democrats are in charge.

    All the terrible problems the Democrat party and their media allies go on and on and on about — racism, gun violence, policing, etc. — those problems happen almost exclusively in Democrat-run cities.

    Democrats and the corporate media attack Trump supporters as violent and racist and anti-environment, and yet out where we all live, out here in Rural America, out here in MAGA Land, most of us own guns and yet, we have no gun violence crises. Oh, and our air and water and streets are safe and clean and we have no racial tensions.

    We have other problems, sure. The poverty rate in my rural county is higher than the poverty rate in Baltimore, but we have almost none of the violence that plagues Baltimore. Rural America also has issues involving drug abuse, but Rural America has none of the murder and violence that comes with drug abuse in the shithole cities where Democrats are in charge.

    Look at this weekend…

    While Rural America enjoyed peace and quiet and brotherhood, in these shithole cities where Democrats run things, life continued to be a hell of violence, homelessness, and racism.

    In Democrat-run Washington, D.C., a 15-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl were charged with the felony murder of Mohammad Anwar, some poor, innocent guy just trying to make a living in a Democrat shithole city. This allegedly happened during an alleged car-jacking that reportedly involved torture with an alleged taser.

    Carjackings in Democrat-run D.C. are up 350 percent this year, and that’s after a 150 percent increase last year.

    And what’s the Democrat mayor of D.C.’s idea to solve this problem? Blame the victims:

    Meanwhile, in Democrat-run Chicago, 30 people were shot over the weekend. Thirty! In one city. Over one weekend. Three died.

    How would you like to live in Democrat-run Oregon, where the left-wing domestic terrorists in Antifa are allowed to spread terror without fear of penalty?

    Oh, and things are so bad in Baltimore, Maryland, a shithole run exclusively by Democrats since 1967, the city has given up entirely prosecuting certain crimes. If you thought things were bad in Baltimore before…

    People can feel free to cherry pick the occasional violence and shootings that happen in Rural America. No one is saying those exceptions do not happen in MAGA Land, but they are exceptions, not the norm.

    Nothing, however, changes the fact that 90 to 95 percent of the time, when there’s a hate crime or gun violence or violent crime or riots or racial strife or bad policing, it is where Democrats are in charge. And in many cases, Democrats have enjoyed a monopoly of political power in those shithole cities for decades. So…

    Dear Democrats: instead of blaming us Trumptards for all of your problems, maybe you should be asking us for advice on how to live. Because…

    Life is sweet and clean and safe and serene out here in MAGA Land.”

  8. I have stated many times that the PRESIDENT NO MATTER which party is still limited in their ability to enforce EXECUTIVE ORDERS, I personally believe EXECUTIVE ORDERS should be limited in scope and should only be used in cases of NATIONAL EMERGENCY,And then must NOT have UNLIMITED DURATION without Congressional approval At some point they must expire without Congressional approval, Many Presidents in the past i believe have exceeded their authority. The most recent have been BARACK OBAMA and now we have JOE BIDEN whom i believe has gone far beyond his legal and Constitutional authority. I do not believe our Founding Fathers ever intended for one branch of government to have more authority than the other branches and that is exactly what EXECUTIVE ORDERS are doing it is going around the constitution and the rule of law, And its time for Congress to step in and limit this authority from any future President These orders must be limited in scope and must be limited in duration without congressional authority, In other words its time for Congress to start doing their job and limit the use of executive orders.

  9. Well, “State Sen. Mark Moores Chosen as GOP Candidate for New Mexico Special Election” Will this be another stolen seat for the democrats? pelosi most likely is hard on the case to steal this House seat as well as the Iowa seat. Pelosi is loosing her grip and her mind.

  10. The most pathetic moron of the USA. The illegal, lying traitor out of his mind displays the dumbest, phony regime in world history. To all that helped, lied and cheated to place this incompetent imbecile in this position … go straight to hell.

    • Such a hate filled, blinding level of contempt the democratic party has for the American people to throw this, as John describes, the illegitimate traitor with an overt, open for all to see empty progressively declining intellectual mind, and a long term morally bankrupt soul heading up the phony political mafia substituted for an administration that in all manner intentionally declines the strength of our country. The criminal minds that prop this incompetent imbecile for this former honorable position of President of the United States which is now being transformed into a tyrannical dictatorship are sub standard life forms.

      Venezuela move over as the most deplorable country, American is sliding into that position.

    • Yea , that pretty well explains why Donald John Trump’s legacy of wiping out Ohomo’s failed policies of hate and racism irritates the living hell out or today’s progressive filth in our society perfectly .

  11. The Headline reads BIDEN DID NOT KNOW HE HAD A PRESS CONFERENCE, The dangerous truth is BIDEN DOES NOT EVEN KNOW WHERE HE IS MOST OF THE TIME, And thats not funny that dangerous.
    Its truly sad not only for him but its SAD AND DANGEROUS for America that we have this man in the OVAL OFFICE. He has no idea the mess he is creating for this country.


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