White House Blames “Windy” Conditions For Joe Biden’s Humiliating Stumble On Stairs Of Air Force One (Video)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – On Friday, President Joe Biden tripped and fell—multiple times—while attempting to board Air Force One.

The White House is blaming “windy” conditions for when Biden’s feet slipped on the stairs of the aircraft, but the internet doesn’t care.

It’s become the meme of the week and has done no favors to the administration as it continues to insist the president is in perfectly fine health and not at all experiencing cognitive decline.

This video has been making all the rounds on social media, as you can imagine:

“It’s pretty windy outside. It’s very windy. I almost fell coming up the steps myself. He is doing 100 percent,” said White House Deputy Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre.

You know, I sort of think that you’d only say someone was “doing 100 percent” after struggling to ascend a flight of stairs without tripping multiple times if falling up a flight of stairs could potentially pose a serious risk.

And the only person a fall poses a risk to is someone who is either very elderly or in poor health.

White House communications director Kate Bedingfield didn’t make Biden sound any more fit when she insisted he “did not even” need medical attention after the fall.

Most people who are generally in good health don’t need medical attention after tripping, lady.

What do you mean he “did not even”? Had they called an ambulance after his fall?

“I know folks have seen that President Biden slipped on his way up the stairs to AF1, but I’m happy to report that he is just fine and did not even require any attention from the medical team who travels with him,” she stated.

Video: Tucker Reacts To Biden’s Public Fall Up Air Force One stairs

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  1. I told my friends Biden won’t last a full four years in office. When he called Kamala Harris “President” he forecast the future of his time.

  2. I think White House should learn a lesson that to put many rocks in president pocket so he can be heavy and wind can not push hime to fall down.

  3. Democrats who speak to “follow the science” are making up the science just as they use their imagination to make up reality. a alternate reality they perceive they are entitled to force on the rest of us, but here is their science:

    “Today’s Democratic Party, while claiming to be the party of science, operates in stupefying denial of basic biology. It holds that there are dozens of different genders, and that men can menstruate, get pregnant, have babies and “chest-feed” their little ones. It claims babies aren’t actually human until the moment they’re born, when they suddenly are magically transformed into precious children. But one minute earlier they were just bio-waste, unwanted tumor-like tissue to be destroyed at will – as long as “the mother and her doctor” so decide.”

  4. It was so windy it blew a grown man off the steps 3 times, but the military personnel didn’t lose their hats in this hurricane. It must have been an ISV: Intermittent Stairway Vortex. Yeah. That’s it.

  5. When a political party which has a decades old track record of voter fraud here and there, and cannot win the support of the people of this country to the point that they have to use the stolen ID of underage people , non-citizens and non existent people to mail in votes, all caught on film or on the electronic foot print Their straining to rationalize the un rational is significantly below the justifiable level of keeping them in power because the democrats do not have the authority of the Constitution to support their clown show. They do not support the welfare of the people and the country. Even China, Iran and Russia are laughing at the lame administration and a president who is incapable of standing up to a slight wind which didn’t blow any of the military hats off. They have demonstrated their wanton thievery giving what belongs to the American people to other thieves who are signaled by the thief in chief that they are entitled to steal into our country.

    They violate the laws of this land and the Constitution with their gun and speech restrictions thus should be prosecuted for their criminal violations.

  6. It’s amazing how the so called free press will go to protect this guy !! They have been protecting him ever since he won Dem. Primary !! The press should be ashamed of themselves ,they knew Biden was not up to the job ! The press always lie, just like the NY TIMES admitted that they took out of context ( code for lie) that Trump told AG of Georgia to find fraud, and the AG would be a hero ,NEVER HAPPENED !! And the Times were caught again ,and they ADMITTED IT !!

    • A party that cares more about party than Country ,and I believe they need him to last 2 years than they replace him ,so they can have advantage for 12 years instead of 8 ,and they can transform this country to a totalitarian state .

  7. TEEN PATRIOT, When you have served your country in war and given part of your life for our freedom, Then you will be qualified to tell me im not a true patriot.

    • Anyone’s qualified to tell you you’re not a true patriot. For one, this country has a little thing called the first amendment. I hope you’ve heard of it. Also, if you support insurrection against a duly elected official, or put party above country, then you’re certainly NOT a true patriot, not even if you joined Columbia’s hitmen to pay off college loans.

    • Maybe you should rethink that statement. I am in the gifted program at my school, and I am getting Confirmed in the Church, so you should use facts in your arguments next time.

    • Gifted at what ..lying and whining like the child you are ? Pleasssse child ,go eat shit and die !

    • Chopper (fake) pilot, you’re not my parents—ya can’t tell me what to do. Plus, you’re probably from, what? Florida? You couldn’t enforce that; you’re several states away!

    • You have two parents , are they queer as you too ?

      Man and woman , man and man , or woman and woman ?

      You never know nowadays with you fruitcakes

  8. Just goes to show who the fraud election put in charge, he cannot care for himself how can we depend on him to run the Country!

  9. The guy is a fraud lins robert but highly entertaining with his dementia and support from today’s progressive liberal trash.

  10. To be fair anyone can fall GERALD FORD fell several times on the steps of AIR FORCE ONE, The problem with OLE JOE he was trying to run up the steps and the OLE BOY just AINT got what it takes to run any where. CAN we imagine this guy on the stage in front of world leaders from around the world? Who knows what he will do or say?


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