While Antifa And BLM Literally Destroy American Cities, Guess Who Congress Just Formally Condemned Instead?

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – After all the pressure and focus on President Trump to denounce hate groups and white supremacy, which he has done countless times at this point, Congress is, apparently, still unable to denounce hate groups themselves. Or should we say they are unwilling to. What’s even more remarkable is that they took time, time that they could have been spending working towards a relief package for Americans, to vote on a pointless resolution to condemn the fringe QAnon conspiracy theory that literally is just an idea rather than a rabid mob of anarchists seeking to destroy America.

Incoming Congresswoman Marjorie Greene (R-GA) took note of the blatant hypocrisy from the Democrat-controlled House of Representatives and posed a really important question:

“When will this pathetic Congress pass a resolution condemning Communist Antifa and Marxist BLM?” Greene tweeted. “They burn cities, violently attack innocent people, shoot police, and cause millions of dollars in damage to businesses and federal property every single day! Congress is failing!”

Greene pointed out that the House resolution to condemn a fringe conspiracy theory that is literally just an idea and has hurt no one is nothing but an empty gesture meant to focus on internet trolls who support President Trump. She also called out the House by saying they downplay, ignore and even praise the left-wing extremist groups Antifa and Black Lives Matter who are behind the violent and destructive riots seen across the country for months.

“There’s no reason for a resolution to condemn non-existent violence from folks talking about the VERY REAL Deep State and the attempted coup on President Trump,” Greene told Fox News.

According to BizPac Review, The bipartisan House resolution to condemn QAnon passed by an overwhelming vote of 371-18.

Here’s more from BizPac Review:

Marjorie Greene said the real danger to Americans comes not from a fringe conspiracy theory, but from violent Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists and the Democrats who support these groups.

Greene said Republicans should demand a similar resolution to condemn Antifa and Black Lives Matter, who are burning down Democrat-controlled cities.

“Republicans should lead strongly by standing up for innocent Americans against this smear and rightfully designate Black Lives Matter and Antifa both as domestic terror organizations,” Greene said.

She added: “The fact that Democrats refuse to condemn the real domestic terrorists BLM and Antifa is what Americans should remember when they go to vote on November 3.”

QAnon is a fringe conspiracy theory that reportedly originated on 4Chan, the anonymous, image-based online bulletin board.

The QAnon theory claims that a left-wing faction of Satan-worshipping pedophiles are running a child sex-trafficking operation that’s working to undermine President Trump. QAnon claims that Trump is being targeted because he’s trying to dismantle this left-wing cabal of pedophiles.

Marjorie Greene said it’s insane that Democrats think opposing child rapists and sex-trafficking is a bad thing that needs Congressional condemnation.

“It’s laughable that Democrats actually think Americans being against pedophiles and human trafficking is actually a bad thing!” Greene remarked. “That’s pretty messed up.”

Numerous Twitter users reacted to the House’s condemnation of QAnon by noting the hypocrisy of denouncing a frothy conspiracy theory while ignoring the actual violence committed by left-wing agitators.

OANN’s Jack Posobiec said sarcastically: “Democrats condemn ‘Q Anon’ but say we don’t need to worry about these guys [Antifa and BLM] because they are just an ‘idea.’”

It’s really time for all Americans to ask themselves why the left is so unwilling to denounce Antifa and Black Lives Matter and why they eagerly and enthusiastically voted to condemn an online group who is against child sex trafficking and corruption in DC.


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  7. Another thing I cannot wrap my brain around is that the USA sent ….what…thousands upon thousands of troops – ships – airplanes – bombs – to win WW 11. We sent thousands of troops into Iraq…and yet another was was won (hopefully) in Afghanistan, and have about defeated the foreign terrorist organizations. Yet we are mesmerized like that “deer in the headlights” …and cannot even send troops into our own cities to quell the stupid actions by antifa and blm. What’s the freaken deal with this…!!

    • President Trump cannot send in troops unless a governor asks him to! He has reached out time and time again to these liberal governors and they keep turning him down! That is why you see liberal states and cities under attack not conservative states! Conservative states would accept President Trump’s offer and these low life scum who are rioting know it!

  8. I am totally confused now……why were there 146 Republican votes for yea….on this ludicrous resolution..??? What does this tell you folks. We cannot count on what Republicans we do have in the house to stand and fight the onslaught of the left. If this is the Republicans we have in the house now…..we do not stand a snowball’s chance. What is wrong with these freake’n people….!!??

    • This vote was taken in the House which is controlled by the liberal democrats and where republicans are greatly outnumbered!

  9. Recce1, you obviously don’t have any vision left with your eyes. It’s not evident that you even have any real intelligence either. The democrats have all said that they support the communist traitors trying to destroy this country. “We the people” need to fight and destroy these terrorists out of our country.

  10. We condemn QAnon because they spout blatant LIES! There is no “cabal”, there is no “deep state”, they are trying to sow seeds of doubt about our government to dismantle it. This will not stand! DEATH TO QANON!!!


    • Gee Bob take a breath. Death to QAnon!!! QAnon started as an idea and conspiracy theory. The more you try to quell the theory the worse it will get and the more believe it.
      But the point of this story is, while QAnon is more just a theory and web site, Antifa, or people claiming to represent and belong to it, is physically attacking people and destroying property. No one is destroying anything in the name of QAnon. People riot in the name of BLM and kill in the name of BLM and Antifa.
      So why condemn a theory site and ignore actual destruction and death is the big question.
      It is like calling Proud Boys White Supremist when they are multi-racial and have a black president of group. But Antifa is just an idea with no real members, just hundreds of people dressed in all black carrying their banners, tattooed with their logo and rioting, tagging and burning government and private buildings and attacking anyone who disagrees with them or doesn’t agree fast enough. Or BLM extorting businesses who don’t openly support them.
      Bob try to educate yourself and look up the definition of Terrorist you might be surprised what it really means. Also check definition of Sedition and Insurrection while you are at it.

    • Mens’ johnsons spout and spurt into “Bob’s” anal cavity, but he doesn’t complain about that because he enjoys it soooo much.

  11. Jingle, Jingle, look over here why I cut the throat of your nation. The game the left plays is misdirection, projection and lies.

  12. There is no level of depravity that is beneath the proclivity of Democratic Party. They have embraced all that is evil, and seek to drag us into hell along with them. They are the enemy of America and our Constitution…

  13. There is no level of depravity that is beneath the Democratic Party. They have embraced all that is evil, and want to drag us into hell with them. The are the enemy of America and our Constitution…

  14. if congress cannot condemned and mark antifa/blm for the known terrorists they are means they are supporting them. take note and remember that when the civil war starts. the inherently bad members of congress can be held accountable.

  15. With such a display of animus against QAnon and its conspiracy theory, one has to wonder if there’s not some truth to it.

    I’ve never believed it but now…

    • Chopperpilot, it’s not so! Just like choppers fly well without tail rotors or fans for Coanda effect. 😉

    • I have come to believe the Democrats will do anything to bring down this country. The do nothing about BLM which is a Marxist organization and Antifa which is a domestic terrorist organization.
      Just goes to show what people obsessed with power will do. They will lie, condom murder, praise looting and rioting. How else can one interpret their silence on groups like BLM or Antifa but as support for them? Anyone who can’t see that are like the 3 monkeys (see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil) only; only there reaction is the opposite to spread evil!
      I don’t know much about QAnon except what I have read on the internet, but that they would be against Biden is not a reach. I have not heard of this group committing violent acts unlike BLM and Antifa. There main “crime” seems to be posting on social media sites. Unless the Democrats get into power – speech is still free. And many of you are too young to realize – the main tenet when the internet first started was that information was free therefore the internet should also be free.


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