What Was Really In Ashli Babbitt’s Mysterious Backpack When She Was Shot And Killed By Capitol Police

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – While the mainstream media would have you believe that a violent, murderous mob armed with AR-15’s, nooses, and burning crosses breached the Capitol Building on January 6th, 2021, the truth is that only one person was shot and killed—a protester.

No firearms were confiscated at the scene nor known to be used in the attack.

Yet Ashli Babbitt, a 14-year Air Force veteran who, like millions of Americans, believed the 2020 election was stolen, was gunned down and killed by a member of the Capitol Hill Police who believed her to be a threat.

The officer, who is now supposedly in hiding, said that the fact that Babbitt was wearing a backpack factored into his decision to fire as he’d heard reports of pipe bombs.

This has been accepted as the defensible reason he fired on Babbitt and the officer has, amazingly, not been charged in her death.

In what universe is someone wearing a backpack reason enough for LEOs to fire on them?

We’ve had entire cities shut down and descend into full-scale riots over much less.

In a public statement, attorney for the officer who shot Babbitt, Mark Schamel, pointed to the protester’s backpack.

However, in the same statement, the officer contradicted himself, saying he could not see the three uniformed officers but only a hall full of people.

He also was unable to tell how far the hallway extended. If he had seen Babbitt wearing a backpack, he would have seen the three uniformed officers nearby and known he need not fire.

So which is it?

This makes no sense.

So, what did the 14-year, patriotic veteran Babbitt have in her backpack when she was shot and killed, to bleed out and die while draped in a Trump flag on the floor of the citadel of Democracy?

The Gateway Pundit has the explosive truth.

It was a wool sweater and scarf, no doubt to brave the frigid Washington, D.C. air.

“Ashli Babbitt was killed for carrying a wool sweater and a scarf,” TGP clarifies.

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    • I am not a Pelosi supporter, Chopper. I’m not even a Democrat. My closest affiliation would be the American Solidarity Party. They advocate Christian Democracy. Their website is here: https://solidarity-party.org/

  5. It is strange that people such as iq and Roman choose the mind set of ignorance and are so easily deceived by those that use and mislead. It is strange that people who have known freedom in this country are so determined to have it taken away by the left strangling our Bill of Rights, the guarantee given to the citizens of this country that never again would a ruler or government dictate to citizens choices that are intended for the individual to decide themselves. That process requires freedom of choice not the threat of harm from those in power.

    This concept, erroneous concept created by men of “social justice” is a enslaving falsehood of rules established by people who set deify themselves as gods to decide for others the path of thought and actions to be taken. God did give us Social Guidance in the provision of the 10 Commandments which was provided and NEEDED to define the right and wrong for our living on earth because people had rationalized and attempted to adopt such erroneous ideas that blinded them from knowing truth, true potential of life.

    We are at this place again. The dems have officially abandoned God in their 2016 platform and now have stuck their heads into the ibis of foolish and destructive living and the left is determined to force that destruction on the rest of this country and the world. Freedom is only found in the God’s path not the from the mind of people who deify themselves .

  6. if the doj and fbi weren’t totally corrupt antifa/blm would be shut down and the criminals rioting,burning and looting 500 times throughout the country would be under arrest. How many of the people at the capitol were blm/antifa or some other subversive causing problems to discredit the legit Trump supporters. the fbi cannot be believed as Wray is a lier and has done nothing to clean up the corruption in the fbi.

  7. She was murdered by the Capital police and a drug addicted criminal named George Floyd’s family gets 27 million for resisting arrest.

    • You’re just a hateful, communitarian, ill-tempered, lunatic of a fake pilot.

    • The police were exercising their right to self-defense, and you have no proof to any of your claims.

    • What proof? You haven’t listed any. Simply saying something over and over does not qualify as proof on its own. You have to back it up with known facts or well-tested logic.

    • Not only is the shooters story questionable but WHY were they using Lethal force when all other Times they used rubber bullets and the RIOTERS threw everything but RPGS at them. Next WHY was the Capital building closed???? See the CONSTITUTION which all those in office swore to uphold CLEARLY states that Congress shall not conduct business in SECRET which means people should have been packed into the Gallery of that chamber to Standing Room Only. As for Babbitt’s back pack unless it were open and she was reaching into it the officer had ZERO right or reason to shoot her over it. She had NOTHING in her hands and the pack was on her back where she could not easily reach into. Were it a Black woman who was shot the city would be rubble now instead of there being parents and the American people demanding answers as to why she was gunned down in COLD BLOOD.

    • She was a true Catholic who was murdered by the capital police .

      Her family will see a HUGE settlement for this crime .

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    • I would say she was executed, he stood out of sight stepped into view after planning his shot then attempted to shoot her in the head, SWAT officers already could touch her, yes they were that close. You know every one of those cops had radios and had constant communication he knew there was no danger in firing on her and he knew his corrupt department would cover it up.

    • You’re spot on Grumpy, she was executed by the cops and snot nosed kids should be playing with dolls like fake catholic.


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