What This Vatican Climate Change Speaker Is Calling For Is Very Scary

(TeaParty.org) – Later this month, on June 18, the Vatican is going to release a statement by Pope Francis concerning climate change, and one of the speakers who is scheduled to present the letter is Professor John Schnellnhuber, founder of the Postdam Institute for Climate Impact Research.

Schnellnhuber has spent some time advising German President Angela Merkel about global warming and, as reported by conservative news outlet Breitbart, has stated that the world is currently overpopulated by six billion people.

Just to make this point more clear, there are only seven billion total people on the planet, so yeah, this guy thinks we’re all basically a drain on the earth.

If he suggests doing something about overpopulation, like oh, maybe some sort of “cleansing” it’s a safe bet he’d place himself in the group of elites that gets to continue breathing.

Anyway, what is really scary about Schnellnhuber is that he promotes some pretty dangerous solutions for climate change, including an earth constitution and C02 budget for every person on earth.

Yeah, that’s right, folks. This guy is calling for a one world government that would include a global council and planetary court. In other words he wants an oppressive system of tyranny designed to place chains on people in exchange for “healing” the earth.

It’s important to note that the vast majority of science that discusses climate change and global warming is not only fraudulent, but not conclusive. It’s main purpose is to be a driving point the globalist agenda.

One of the left’s most potent tricks to get people to willingly give up their freedom is to threaten disaster and tragedy. Folks will usually surrender liberty in exchange for safety and security. Individuals pushing all the doom and gloom of climate change know this and use it as a powerful weapon to control others.

Here’s a bit more via Old Thinker News:

In a 1991 report titled “The First Global Revolution” published by the Club of Rome, we find the following statement: “In searching for a new enemy to unite us, we came up with the idea that pollution, the threat of global warming, water shortages, famine and the like would fit the bill…. All these dangers are caused by human intervention… The real enemy, then, is humanity itself.”

In the 1970’s, the World Order Models Project, financed by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Rockefeller foundation, proposed “strategies of transition” into a new global era. Saul H. Mendlovitz, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, directed the project. Richard A. Falk, also a member of the CFR, contributed academic work.

One of the goals of the project was to use symbolic leaders of the world to promote the globalist ideas of WOMP and “…break down decades of adherence to [the Westphalian system] and its infrastructure of values, perceptions and institutions.”

Take a wild stab at who the project specifically named as a powerful potential spokesman for their agenda? If you answered “the pope,” give yourself fifty gold stars.

Remember. None of this climate stuff is about saving the planet. It’s about consolidating power in the hands of an elite who want to strip away personal liberty to try putting together an imaginary utopian society funded by wealth redistribution.

Source: oldthinkernews.com/2015/06/15/vatican-climate-change-speaker-wants-earth-constitution-individual-co2-budget/


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