What The Media Won’t Tell You: Bill Clinton Charged With 11 Felonies And Impeachable Offenses – Trump Accused Of Zero Felonies And 2 Non-Crimes

(Gateway Pundit) – The Trump impeachment sham is unique in a number of different ways compared to previous impeachments and most notably because no crime was committed or defined.

President Trump is accused of two offenses, neither is a crime.

Article One: Abuse of Power — broad and undefined non-criminal action.

Article Two: Obstruction of Congress — Not a crime and completely made up charge.

Now compare that to the Clinton Impeachment trial in 1998.

Bill Clinton was accused of 11 separate felonies and impeachable offenses.

The Starr Report, presented on Sept. 9,1998, presented 11 impeachable offenses. Bill Clinton was eventually charged because he “…willfully provided perjuries, false and misleading testimony to the grand jury,” and made “…corrupt efforts to influence the testimony of witnesses and to impede the discovery of evidence.”

The Starr report cited 11 specific possible grounds for impeachment in four categories:

  • Five counts of lying under oath
  • Four counts of obstruction of justice
  • One count of witness tampering
  • One count of abuse of constitutional authority

“Dangerous, Brazen And Unlawful” — Breaking: Trump Defense Team Files First Response To Sham Impeachment — With Full Document

President Trump’s Defense Team filed its first official response to the sham impeachment on Saturday afternoon.

The six page document was filed by the 5 PM deadline on Saturday.

The President’s team called the sham articles of impeachment with zero criminal accusations a dangerous, brazen and unlawful attack on our election system.

The Trump attorneys alleged “a lawless process in the US House that violated due process and fundamental fairness.”

This trial should be exciting.

Democrats have liar Adam Schiff and a bunch of House nitwits against Trump’s legal team of seasoned lawyers.

It should be interesting watching Schiff and Democrats push their nonsense on the Trump Defense Attorneys.

NY Times reporter Maggie Haberman posted the full document on Twitter this hour.



  1. It’s difficult to understand the thinking of the Democrats as they attempt to overthrow the election process and destroy the American form of government. I can’t help but believe it all stems from their greed for personal wealth at the expense of the working class. It makes me sick to my stomach to see them hanging out at posh restaurants and bars, living high on money taken from tax payers while the American workers pinch pennies supporting their families and living in modest homes. Why do we pay members of congress exorbitant salaries and benefits when they in actuality should be living in military style dormitories and fed cafeteria meals on plastic trays for the entire time they are in Washington? It’s time to demand a government of the people, by the people and for the people.

  2. I am astounded that the Democratic party would be the instigator of such a baseless document as that which they ” solemnly ” marched over to the Senate supposedly accusing the President of non impeachable ” crimes “. It appears that the Democrats have gone completely off the deep end and are using their majority in the House to do anything they can think of get rid of the President. It’s a shameful thing for Americans to have to go through this vindictive charade.

  3. I’ll never forget Bil Clinton was forced to give a dna sample in the Whitehouse because of his crimes .

    Priceless indeed .

  4. Wow! Well stated as to why the Articles of Impeachment have to be rejected in their entirety. It eloquently states the vileness of the democrats poisonous process of “investigation.”


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