What Is Wrong With Old Joe? Biden Confuses Barack Obama With President Trump, Forgets What He’s Talking About, ‘I Can’t Remember’ (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – Seriously, what is wrong with Joe Biden?

Biden is back in his Delaware bunker after venturing out for a day in Pennsylvania.

77-year-old Joe Biden on Saturday confused Barack Obama with President Trump just two days after he falsely claimed 120 million Americans died from the Coronavirus.

This is not normal. Biden’s mental faculties are rapidly declining.


Biden also got confused and totally forgot the second part of the question when asked what he was going to do in his first 100 days in the White House.

“And so, you asked other parts of a question, I can’t remember what other ones were, one was what I’m going to do about immigration, what was the other part? Was that it?”




  1. Already decided that Joe will pick a black female running mate. So much for any white woman that wants to apply (and possibly more qualified). This is not discriminatory it’s just black. If he gets in office we will continue to tear down all statues, the 10 commandments and Jesus himself. We will rename all streets that have an offensive name and force all white people with names like Sherman, Jackson, “Grant”, and “Asians with the name of Lee” to change their names. Names of certain states and cities and the white house itself will have to be changed even if it was named after a Saint . We will re-write our National Anthem because it was written by a really terrible white man and Mount Rushmore has got to go. Now this has nothing to do with the institutional racism because almost every major American city has and is being run by a black person or a white democrat voted and supported by the black communities for the last 10, 20, 30, and 40 years. Just look at the wonderful job Chicago, Detroit, Baltimore, los angeles, etc., etc., etc., etc., that is taking place in those cities thanks to their “leaders”. and with Joe at the helm maybe Presley can finally get her reparations because “we owe them what is due” Special Government programs, Education programs, Housing programs, crime forgiveness programs, medical etc., already set up just for blacks. How come a white person can’t get these-daah. But this is not discriminatory because the civil war only ended 150+ years ago and so many blacks are still suffering (besides, Government hand-outs are pretty good) and may never recover until this becomes a black America (but that may not be good either because who will take care of them).

  2. We as a nation can not let Joe Biden or the democrats close to the Oval Office, Joe is not mentally all there and his VP will run the country!!! So please innovate vote red!

  3. The Democrats will push/drag Joe’s mentally dead body to the voting line. Intention being getting a VP as imminent POTUS. Sympathy for ‘Good Old Joe’ the mentally challenged, would effect a lot of likewise challenged voters….Debate over Joe’s mental sate, is but nothing more than deflection from pointing out his woeful personal character, and political baggage….

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  5. The simple truth is that he is mentally unfit to serve, He has been in Washington and in politics for 47 years and has very little achievements to hang his hat on, If he did not get it done after that many years he’s not going to now. This man should not be allowed anywhere near the Oval Office.

  6. Graman, I know you meant that remark as a joke, but the Republicans ( myself included) need to keep pressure on this incompetent child- fondeling, corrupt, inept, ” hairy-legged”, woman squeezing, hair smelling, dimwit for the sake of our country and our children’s future.
    Everything I just said is not to be interperated as a condesending joke. It’s all stark reality and the truth. This pedophile-woman molester needs to stopped!

    • He needs more questions about his connections with China and Ukraine on camera in public should provide everyone some insight on his corruption and his incompetence.
      Unfortunately with today’s progressive liberal trash media these type of questions are rarely asked of democrats . Can’t wait till his handlers pick “ his “ VP choice, color and gender matter, competence doesn’t matter , does it ?

  7. Who could want someone in this condition in charge of our country’s Secrurity ? I really think the democrats plan is to pick a black female as his running mate and then if he gets elected, he will bow out in a few months due to declining health.
    Voters must ask themselves if they really think this confused person will create jobs and make the United States a stable and save place for our children.
    Personally, I don’t think this man should be let out of his yard.

    • I think that is exactly their plan:
      a black female VP and I think that Quid Pro Joe won’t even serve for a few months, he will step aside sooner.
      I fear that his VP pick will be Kamala Harris.

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    • You’re basically a liar and not a very good one at that. Is that a fair statement loser ?


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