What Biden’s Pick For Chief Of Staff Said About Elections In 2014 Proves Voter Fraud Is Alive And Well

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – In each and every election we’ve had in this country, there’s always been folks in random places attempting to sway the results toward the candidate or issue they want to see come to pass or be placed in office. How many times have we seen videos of folks working polls that have allowed illegal immigrants to vote without checking for an ID to verify identity and legal status?

How many times have we been shown proof of deceased individuals somehow casting ballots for Democrats? Voter fraud in and of itself is nothing new. What makes what we’re seeing in the 2020 presidential election so crazy is the sheer magnitude of the fraud being perpetrated.

We’re seeing it happen in multiple states, in multiple locations, with very large numbers of votes being changed, counted after deadline, or just tossed out completely. This is greatly disturbing because it threatens to undermine the integrity of our election system. People are scared their voices are being silenced by Democrats desperate to see President Trump ousted from office.

And here’s the thing, this isn’t just a tinfoil hat kind of thing either.

According to Gateway Pundit, Joe Biden’s potential chief of staff, Ron Klain, once tweeted in 2014 that elections are rigged. The comment was made on Twitter in a reply to a post put up by Vox on July 14, 2014 that stated, “68% of Americans think elections are rigged.” Klain’s reply was, “That’s because they are.”

Above: Ron Klain, file image

Biden’s transition office made the announcement on Wednesday that Bide had chosen Klain to be his chief of staff.

Not long after the announcement was made, the old tweet from Klain sprung back up as further evidence to support President Trump’s claim that the election is being stolen from him through voter fraud and election rigging.

And, just in case Klain decides to delete the tweet, here’s a screenshot:

Folks, this is a person who is working closely with Joe Biden and could potentially become his chief of staff, actually admitting that elections are rigged. Why in the world aren’t more people paying attention to this stuff?

This is why we need to investigate all claims of voter fraud thoroughly, and those who are found to be participating in this kind of activity need to be made examples of to dissuade folks from ever trying to undermine the will of the people again.

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  1. Democrats have demonstrated that they are weak in mind and heart, dangerously because they are cowards and only good at underhanded deeds such as this avalanche of voter fraud stealing from the People. Obama is showing his twisted evil nature by continuing to pull strings working against the best interests of this country.

    If the reporting is true that Comey and Brennan during their time in office did have a hand if orchestrating the means to created a computer program intended to to switch votes not only in other countries but adapted for the U.S.election, they should be on trial NOW for treason.

  2. “Democrat Joe Biden has stacked his transition team, after the establishment media called the presidential election for him, with at least 40 lobbyists, according to the latest estimate.

    In 2008, Biden called lobbyists and special interest groups “corrosive.” Last year, Biden began accepting donations from registered lobbyists at Google, Lockheed Martin, and giant pharmaceutical corporations before his super PAC was established by lobbyists.”

    Foreshadowing of the increase corruption in the proposed Biden administration from hell for the country.

  3. “Walking Back ” is an interesting soft landing phrase for lied to get elected, BUT to open the borders is a moron’s desire.

    “Joe Biden’s deputies and allies are walking back from the campaign’s radical pro-migration promises and are now calling for safeguards against another Latin American wave of blue-collar migrants.”


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