Wendy’s Torched, Totally Destroyed By Looters In George Floyd Minneapolis Riots

(Gateway Pundit) – Looters set fire to and destroyed a Wendy’s in Minneapolis overnight Thursday during the riots protesting the police killing of George Floyd during an arrest for “forgery in progress” on Monday.

Photos and video show the process, from the initial window smashing and spray-painting, to the flames and then the resulting total destruction.

Apparently the rioters got a head start on Wendy’s national roast day promotion.

The beginning:

Up in flames along with other businesses and buildings:


Someone took their car through the drive-thru while the Wendy’s was on fire:

Early in the morning, still smoldering:

Aftermath shows tagging by Antifa communists:

Featured image credit: @webster/Twitter



  1. When this is all finished let those responsible take a look at their handy work and maybe they are intelligent enough to understand that they accomplished nothing except destroy their city, Hurting those store owners that had NOTHING TO DO WITH MR. FLOYDS DEATH,It will serve this city well if most of these stores NEVER REOPEN in this district again.All these store offered employment to others living in this city now they are unemployed. I suspect that a large number of those rioting could not even give you the name of the Man that lost his life, They were looking for an excuse to create Civil Disorder and they found one, Now the entire city must live with the consequences of their actions, Someone in this city had better come forward and provide some leadership and at this point it doesn’t seem there is anyone with that ability. When those that are in leadership roles lose control this is the result.

  2. Stupid, stupid people destroying the future o their own economic opportunities in their own communities, condemning whole areas to continue the decline into poverty. Stupid, stupid thinking people.

    • Too bad the progressive liberal trash that did this wasn’t thrown in jail along side you Bob .

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  3. NOT one cent of federal money should be sent to Minneapolis to rebuild. If this is what these animals want to do, let them live in the burned out ruins that they themselves are responsible for.


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