“We Hope The B*tch Dies!” – BLM Chants Against 31-Year-Old LA Sheriff Deputy And Mother After She Is Ambushed And Shot In The Head — Try To Breach Hospital! (Video)

(Gateway Pundit) – As Cassandra reported earlier – A Black Lives Matter mob swarmed the hospital where two deputies were taken for treatment after being ambushed and shot.

They blocked doorways, threatened officers at the scene and attempted to force their way inside.

As the Gateway Pundit previously reported, two Los Angeles County Sheriff Deputies, a man and a woman, are in surgery “fighting for their lives” after each was shot in the head during an ambush attack by lone gunman at a Metro station in Compton Saturday night.

The “activists,” who have widespread support from Democrat politicians and nearly every major corporation, did chants wishing death upon the officers after they arrived at the hospital.

The BLM mob was screaming “We hope the bitch dies!” at the police as they reached the hospital where the young mother and police officer was being treated.

The injured female police officer is a 31-year-old mother.

The protest mob tried to breach security and enter the hospital.

Via Bill Melugin:



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  3. For all the terrorists (BLM & Antifa) that were blocking the hospital entrances when the officers arrived there, there needs to be a price.
    The hospital doesn’t need any more business, all things considered.
    However the Coroner can put his work in cold storage and catch up later.
    Why not send the Coroner a little job security.
    Cause of Death.= Stupidity. Seems simple enough.
    Produce a few of these and this crap will stop.

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    • How far did you fall to suffer that much cognitive damage?

      Every one of those who blocked the entrance to the hospital should be charged as accessories to murder if they die.

    • mkm0519, Biden has already won. The election is just a formality at this point the way the polls and fundraising numbers are going. But on the off chance you Russian a$$holes help Traitor Trump cheat again, the American people will make sure he doesn’t live to Inauguration Day. The White House Siege begins on Thursday…

    • Bob, you are SO WRONG, in every comment that you made ! I come from a Law enforcement family, and they are all GOOD people, that want to PROTECT, and SERVE, NOT murder people. They also have NOTHING against Black People. In fact, the Black people that I personally know, absolutely do NOT want the Police defunded, because they believe it will make their neighborhoods MUCH more dangerous ! They are NOT worried about the Police, they are worried about the CRIMINALS !

  6. These BLM terrorists should be treated as such. First stone thrown during a protest the police should give them 30 minutes to leave and then open fire on the crowd. When they catch the SOB who did this he should be tortured in public and then executed. Enough of the BS. Blue lives as well as all law abiding lives matter. Pray for the police.

  7. you democrats bail these black lives matter out jail get democrat run states and mayors let get away with everything stand up for them how can any normal person vote for a democrat you have be as sich as they are sicko s traders scum

  8. WHat has happened to our society that we can sit back and let these BLM. Democrats. haters in this country, NFL, NBA, major corporations and all others get away with this type of ongoing language, rioting, murdering of Police. Have people gotten so corrupt that they only care only about theirselves and nobody else. God have mercy on this country and may you all burn in hell if you sanction all this violence toward anyone.

  9. The cat is out if the bag. This lawlessness and hatred will spread more, ordinary hard working American families and communties are under threat. The only way BLM terrorists and their violence can be controlled is through very tough measures. Now the question is who will most likely to put an iron fist and stop this non-sense once for all? I don’t think it will be Democrats.

    • I agree. The Black Lives Matter group are violent and are racist against others, Too many people are afraid of them and support them, They have no right to force others how to think or to force people through violent actions. They do not support the majority of crimes against black people nor do they improve their lives. They mostly fight against the police.

  10. NBA donated $350 million to BLM and NFL donated $250 million to them as well. And they are not alone because BLM has $1.6 billion in donations from many corporations and celebrities. Now let that sink in….it’s time we boycotted the organizations that fund these terrorists.

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  14. This has to stop. The protesters doing this are not honorable, honest, ethical people. I know we have freedom of speech, but isn’t this in some ways equatable to yelling “fire” in a crowded theater? Why is nothing ever done about this type of behavior? Do officials in these communities have any common decency? We know these criminals don’t.

    • You want it to stop? Then Joe Biden has to win in November. Because if the unthinkable happens again, it will only get worse. Which do you love more, America or Traitor Trump? Because you can’t have both.

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