WE GOT HIM! Capitol Officer Complaining Before Sham Jan. 6 Committee Exposed As BLM Activist (VIDEO)

(TeaParty.org Exclusive) – The first hearing of Nancy Pelosi’s sham Jan. 6 committee resulted in overwhelmingly emotional testimony from both lawmakers and Capitol police officers. It was quite the spectacle.

Members of Congress, like RINO Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) and Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) could barely get through their statements without choking up while the politically selected Capitol officers appeared to be emotionally distraught as they recounted their traumatic experiences from the Capitol incident.

One Capitol police officer in particular has caught the attention of many. Officer Harry Dunn gave testimony of his experience from Jan. 6 saying that he was repeatedly called the “n word” when engaged in conversations “with rioters” as he told them he voted for Joe Biden.

First of all, that sounds totally and completely made up and just a pathetic attempt to paint all Trump supporters as racists and white supremacists.

Secondly, why was Dunn going around divulging the fact that he voted for Joe Biden? Was he trying to antagonize protestors? Either way, his story hardly seems credible and it isn’t just because it sounds incredibly made-up but also because he’s been exposed as a full-fledged Black Lives Matter activist.

Despite the fact that President Trump had offered to ramp up security for the Capitol that day, his offer was declined by congressional leaders, like Nancy Pelosi herself.

Dunn testified that he had not received any warnings of threats that day from his chain of command, however, we know Nancy Pelosi and others in Congress knew that something was being plotted.

After his testimony, a reporter at the Gateway Pundit uncovered the real reason Dunn was called on to testify during the sham hearing. He’s a radical leftist with a political agenda.

The Gateway Pundit report states, “SURPRISE! Officer Dunn Who Testified that Trump Supporters on Jan. 6 Were Chanting the ‘N-Word’ Is HUGE BLM Activist — Supported Mass Violence in Kenosha Riots.”

The report noted Dunn’s account of being called the “n word” multiple times and asserted, “Of course, this didn’t happen or we would have heard about it by now. But Officer Dunn knows he can say this because the mainstream fake news media will NEVER ask him to prove it.”

TGP also provided several shocking social-media posts which indicate he is anything but neutral or biased on the Jan. 6 incident.

Those included an image of him at a BLM rally in Washington:

Further confirmation that it was Dunn at the BLM events:

There was also one revealing his endorsement of violence in Kenosha, Wisconsin, last year:

And one where he expresses his contempt for Tucker Carlson and uses profanity to slander him.

By his own admission, Dunn is “a Capitol Police Officer who is fighting for accountability, justice and recognition for every hero who fought bravely on January 6th. I’m fighting for every American who was hurt on January 6th.”

It appears that pool of Americans seems to only include Democrats and politically motivated police officers.

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  1. It’s still legal to attend protests I believe. That was the excuse most of the rioters on the 6th at the Capitol used when trying to excuse their drunken thuggery. Cops are allowed to peacefully protest, and BLM is not a terrorist group unlike say, the Proudboys who despite expressing support for LGBTQI issues have been put on the terror watch list by several countries including Canada, and who US security agencies consider a terrorist threat.

    • How do you queers and trannies celebrate freedom in Europe fake teacher ? Just asking for a friend.

    • Proven racist? Come come my friend, people are allowed to go on BLM marches. He’s with his kid, hardly looks like he’s out to overthrow the state. Unlike the savage drunken thugs Don sent to the Capitol that day who were clearly intent on trying to destroy democracy because the big child in chief doesn’t like losing. Shortly after sending them he of course abandoned them. No surprises there, five draft dodges tell us he’s got no bottle when it comes to it.

    • I’m not your friend by any means fake teacher and never will be . I don’t associate with liberal trash.
      Unlike the savage liberal trash that looted and rioted our overly progressive racists blue cities President Donald John Trump had NOTHING but support for law and order .
      You ,fake teacher are the child in the room with a severe case of Trump Derangement Syndrome. No surprise though, most progressive trash do ,don’t they ?

  2. Where was the photo showing police opening gates to let people go in. Ha ha what a Pelosi set up. Refused help for more police and national guard. Ha ha what a show then had them for months. Ha ha she is the responsible one her call for not getting the help. Period she needs to go to California to never return


    • Put all of them under oath including nasty Nancy BEFORE this fake testimony BS . The lies would not flow so well with these liars .
      Bill Clinton lied under oath which is perjury to honest hardworking Americans.

    • And also for Russian housewives working overtime at the troll farm, pretending to be American conservatives to spread division and misinformation

    • It’s always Russia, Russia,Russia Russia,Russia Russia, to today’s progressive liberal filth isn’t fake teacher ?

    • And loser and queers too Andy Morgan Roberts… you know who they are !
      Where’s your blow buddy Low iq Andy Morgan Roberts ?

  4. A black supremacists… so why hasnt the capitol police discharged him? If he is supporting a terrorist organization like blm he should be investigated and removed.

    • Because BLM is nether black supremacist or terrorist of course 🙂
      Only government and security services can make those designations and they haven’t with BLM. Unlike all those right wing gay militias in their peachy outfits and tight fitting combat pants. They’ve been designated terrorists. After the disgusting and shameful behaviour of the trumpist terror groups when they maimed, killed, smashed and burned that day at the Capitol it’s no surprise really.

  5. Would someone please get Pelosi and her cartel of American haters under control ! She is exacerbating the tension that she has caused . This will not end well for America.


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