‘We Are Going To War:’ Armed Protesters Gather In Louisville Days After Officers Shot

(Breitbart) – Louisville, Kentucky, police clashed with hundreds of protesters, some armed, participating in a “peaceful” gathering deemed unlawful by authorities, who dispersed the crowd two hours before the 9 p.m. curfew went into effect using flashbangs, several witnesses and videos revealed via Twitter on Friday night.

Friday’s confrontation occurred after the Wednesday shooting to two police officers during violent protests in the wake of a Kentucky grand jury decision not to bring homicide charges against the officers involved in the shooting death of Breonna Taylor in Louisville.

One officer arrived for roll call the next day, while the other officer remains in stable condition after surgery.

Last night, two LMPD officers were shot in the line of duty during our response to the local protests. We’re happy to share this short video of Majory Gregory, walking in to one of our roll calls less than 24 hours after being shot. Major Gregory is still recovering from his injury and is not back to full duty…. yet. The other officer shot is still recovering.

Posted by Louisville Metro Police Department on Thursday, September 24, 2020

Protests and riots, some violent and deadly, have erupted in cities across America after the grand jury decision.

“We are going to war tonight,” an unnamed speaker told the crowd.

The speaker cautioned the crowd of the possibility of going to jail if they violate the 9 p.m. to 6:30 a.m. curfew imposed by Louisville Metro Police Department (LMPD), Daily Caller reporter Jorge Ventura explained via Twitter.

“Some of the protesters are armed out here tonight” and taunting the police, citizen journalist Brendan Gutenschwager noted via Twitter.

“We’ve come to shut this entire city down,” protesters reportedly said as they marched Friday night to businesses in Louisville that they believe are not doing enough to support the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement.

Many protesters are completely ignoring the 9 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. curfew that went into effect Wednesday and will run each day until Monday morning at the behest of Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer (D).

However, police have reportedly granted amnesty to the demonstrators, allowing them to march back to their cars without getting arrested.

Friday night’s confrontation between police and protesters two hours before the curfew went into effect reportedly resulted in clashes between demonstrators and authorities.

Echoing firsthand accounts highlighted on Twitter, USA Today reported:

About two hours before the city’s 9 p.m. curfew went into effect, a clash between police and protesters had already occurred as police used flash bangs to disperse a crowd, briefly blocked the route of a march, arrested two people and declared an an unlawful assembly. In a statement, police said the incident occurred because people did not get on the sidewalk when asked to allow traffic to flow.

As has been the case throughout the protests, the First Unitarian Church in Louisville is still serving as a sanctuary or safe haven for BLM protesters, providing them with free food and refreshments as they help them evade arrest for breaking the curfew. As a religious institution, the church is reportedly exempted from the curfew.

Soon after the curfew kicked in, at least 200 people gathered at the church, according to witnesses.

“We are offering a sanctuary space here because we feel like we need a space of love,” a member of the First Unitarian Church told Ventura.

Despite the deadly unrest linked to armed and violent protesters, demonstrators lambasted the LMPD “for firing non-lethal crowd control agents at them during a peaceful assembly,” Gutenschwager added.

Mayor Greg Fischer extended the city’s curfew through the weekend after authorities arrested more than 100 people and after the shooting of the police officers during Wednesday’s protests.



  1. These BLM and Antifa people, either deliberately or because of their complete misunderstanding of society, are violent thugs who believe they have a right to assault people and destroy private and public property to achieve a political objective. BLM the organization (not the concept of which I agree as black white brown red and any other color by which you wish to categorize human being by matter) is a violent revolutionary organization just as is the anti-fa who believe in the destruction of a free enterprise society and its replacement by a state controlled economic system.
    Now no one who is not insane believes in a laisee faire capitalist system with no controls but sane rational people believe that these laws and regulations must only be in place to the extent that they prevent abuses of a free enterprise system that are harmful such as monopolies, or unsafe workplaces, or the sale of unsafe products to children.
    The stated attitude of these so called “peaceful demonstrators” that you support a slogan that is innocuous on its face but has be hijacked by these radical people who demand you chant their slogan or you will be assaulted and your businesses and livelihood will be destroyed.
    All lives matter but some lives will be curtailed and others lost because of the criminal actions of these people, and any people who think that they have a right to use intimidation and violence against others as a means to achieve any objective, other than peace in the community. I believe that looters and arsonists should be arrested by any means necessary and any official who does not deputize enough people in the community to protect it against these thugs is a criminal him or her self.

  2. It is sad that these “protestors” did not develop a mature internal conscious during their development and police are needed to provide an external conscious.They do not know the difference between right and wrong good or evil. Here is the unfortunate death of a person who made many poor choices to be found in the position to be at odds with the laws of our society, dealing with drugs that steal life from people. The same with George Floyd who died from a “lethal level of fentanyl ” according to the medical report. these Protestors have destroyed billions of dollars of property and killed innocent people over a these lies.


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