Watch: Video Captures Democrat Coup In Action As GOP Poll Watcher Booted From Voting Site

( Exclusive) – A lot of folks have come forward with all kinds of explanations for why this election is not going the way we thought it would with regard to President Trump taking home an easy victory and winning a second term in the White House.

One such theory suggests that shenanigans is going on in key battleground states to buy Democrats time to fudge the election results and suppress votes so that the president will lose these states. That, at first, might seem like nothing more than wild conspiracy theories, but it seems there’s some pretty serious evidence that sort of thing is actually happening, especially in the state of Pennsylvania.

A new report from WND says that there are now reports coming out of the state that a GOP poll watcher was banned from entry to a voting site, the discarding of votes for Trump, and the distribution of leftist Democrat voting guides at the poll sites.

Apparently, city commissioners in Philly are now looking into the report about the poll watcher.

The video shows poll watcher, Gary Feldman, asking two poll workers, “So you’re not letting me in?”

One of them replies, “No.”

“Call the police, do it,” the male poll worker tells Feldman in the video. “If you legal, call the cops.”

Feldman then told the pair of poll workers that he had a citywide watcher’s certificate. The female worker responded by saying, “it’s not for this location.”

The certificate says that it “authorizes the individual to watch in any ward/division in Philadelphia.” It goes on to say that every party or candidate is allowed to have one poll watcher per voting room at a time.

“A spokeswoman for the Philadelphia Election Day Operations, Rachel Tripp, told the Daily Caller that Feldman’s experience at the polls ‘is one of over a dozen instances of election interference reported across Philadelphia in just three hours since polls opened this morning,'” WND states in their report.

“These blatant, desperate, and illegal attempts to prevent certified Republican poll watchers from ensuring the integrity of the electoral process is clearly a last ditch effort by desperate Democrats to influence the election through obstructive and dishonest means,” Tripp continued.

This is absolutely crazy. Folks, these poll workers knew that this man was there to ensure that no fraud of any kind was going down in the polling site and they didn’t want him there. Why? Probably because they want to ensure that Joe Biden has every possible advantage to defeat Trump, including the suppression of votes for the president.

An investigation into this nonsense is absolutely required at this point, if we have any interest at all in preserving our election system.

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  1. We are told to never send cash in the mail ,but it’s safe to mail your vote using a notorious inefficient corrupt organization in the USPS .
    No wonder the criminals are in the lead folks , they’re cheating !

    • Chopperpilot, I’ve seen you post that Kamala Harris is a “brown clown,” you should probably log off the internet for about a year.

  2. The only coup in play here is Traitor Trump’s abuse of the courts to stop President Biden’s wins from being called. Disregard Drumpf’s frivolous suits, call the states for Biden and put Traitor Trump away forever!

    • I’m so glad that you know Trump’s original last name. I mean, when someone is supporting a border wall for immigrants, but their mother was Scottish, and their father was the son of a German, you know there’s hypocrisy. Wait, do you think that if we post enough facts on this chat, we could actually turn this place into a liberal hub?

    • I gravitate to the name “chopper pilot”. I feel it necessary to remind you that freedom of speech only applies to approved liberal thought.
      Army 66-70

  3. In my opinion:

    They also played on emotional coherence with the back drop to Trump’s campaign ads. Blue is for Democrat not Republicans. So new voters waiting in long lines & bandwagon voters would mistakenly vote for the wrong guy.

    This is how fishermen catch bass with brightly colored lures.

    They also declared Biden the winner before all the ballots were all counted.

    It wasn’t a people’s vote, it is a clear scam with a tired old man who could barely read a teleprompter on his own through the foggy morning.

    The post office was actually being overhauled by the Trump administration & many postal workers fear loosing thier treasured jobs to streamlining & efficiency.

    So we have to trust the post office to deliver ballots? Lots of ill will in the hands of emotionally biased people.

    Mail voting makes it convenient to erase the votes of the highest risk COVID19 individuals (boomers) too.

    That seems to be the case here.

    • The same organization that warns us from sending cash in their system yet we should trust them with our ballots? Hell No !

  4. How about 1 D and 1 R National Guard person at each counting table. With State Police/Local Police at each voting/ polling site?!

    The PA legislature are wimps! Should have done away with accepting ballots after the polls closed.Like the law states.
    Excluding legally postmarked mail in and absentee ballots.

  5. Why should we concede when it is clear, out in the open, the election was stolen with voters required to use magic markers when it was known the machines would reject the ballot, the pre election day prepared ballot dumps, the dead voting, signatures of registration and on the ballots not matching, and the postal workers who were told to back date the ballots?

    The theft is a theft and cheating is not a win !

  6. Bob,
    When is is clear with the verified evidence that someone has lied the majority of the American people cannot accept the lie. When some one steals and it is clear and verified that the property was stolen, we cannot accept the thieve’s ownership. When is is clear that in 2018 California produced thousands of fraudulent ballots showing up in the middle of the night we knew that cheating was done, but we had to swallow the crap. Now that the democratic party has taken their overt voter fraud of denying citizens their vote with felt pens and hiding valid votes on top of dumping thousands of ” so called mail in ” manufactured votes in democratic controlled states, WE WILL NOT ACCEPT this Biden and Harris scam as president. It is a stolen election and cannot stand. The democrats would not accept the LEGAL election of President Trump in 2016 and manufactured a coup for 4 years with verified fraud, we will not accept the fraud substituting as a valid election in 2020.

    this is not being sore losers as the democrats have been. It is declaring the obvious…THEFT OF OUR ELECTION

  7. Do you republicucks listen to yourselves? That is not a “coup”, it’s official business! Quit being sore losers and get ready to rebuild America with President Biden!

    • Just as all you Democrat’s did when Hillary lost the last election? She was still talking about it being stolen just last month. Telling Biden not to concede even after all votes counted. Law suites from last election, recount demands and 4 years later of arguing, fighting at every turn, opposing policies and bills that would help citizens because it could be seen as his success, false claims, failed partisan impeachment trials and still not accepting, giving in or ready to rebuild America with our current President.

    • SORRY BOB, Biden does not hae the mental capacity to lead our country as you will soon find out, the only problem is the rest of us that know better will have to suffer with you, YOU wanted him we didnt. But that is how a Democracy and Republic works, thats why i served this country so that people like you as foolish as you are still have a choice.I will say this im a loyal TRUMP SUPPORTER, and if his lawyers have proof of corruption they should present it or President Trump should accept his loss and not put the country through this any longer, We all knew when the crazy Democrats wanted mail-in voting that it would turn into a complete mess the DEMS cant do anything correectly it always turns into a fiasco you dont know how to do anything correctly NOW we go back to the days of OBAMA one if not the worst president in american history Biden trained under him so we should not expect anything better.

    • You need to go to a doctor to get a vaxine to take care of your Trump Derangement Syndrome immediately!!! It’s obviously messed with your cognitive abilities to the point where you cannot think straight!!! I pity you for your lack of being able to see into the future to the utter mess America will be if half-brained Biden is fraudulently elected!!!!!!!

  8. The democrats who have not demonstrated that they, as a whole or individually, exhibit no sense of decency but do demonstrate criminal behavior which they use to to prey on this country, making it clear that this country is on a fragile foundation in that cheating , stealing, violating laws out in the open where all can see the crimes are accepted and accountability in this life is not forth coming. To the fool, such as don, it is foolishness to their ear and mind that there is an accounting and no second chance to redeem their life actions and rejection of the values that benefit man kind. Deception and thievery are not going to be rewarded and eternity has no end. They do have a choice now as John 3: 16 clearly tells us, but again to the foolish mind that is all foolishness.

  9. The city of brotherly love Philadelphia had the black panthers secure voting stations during Obama’s elections , and believe it not , he won 106% of the vote too .Even Saddam Hussein could only muster a meager 96% approval during his reign.
    It’s not the voter, it’s the progressive liberal trash counting these votes who should never be trusted.

  10. Of course – the Democrats can’t afford to let people see the shenanigans they are up to. The last things Democrats care about are honesty and law. All the Democrat politians care about is power and their very ignorant supporters are no better!


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