Watch: US Postal Worker Caught On Video Throwing Stack Of GOP Congressional Candidate Campaign Mailers In Dumpster

(Gateway Pundit) – A US Postal worker was caught on video throwing a stack of GOP congressional candidate campaign mailers in a dumpster.

Sheriff Troy Nehls is running for Texas Congressional District 22.

Mr. Nehls is a pro-Trump conservative, a church-going family man, tough on crime and tough on border security.

No wonder why the left is trying to derail his campaign.

“A US Postal worker was just caught on video throwing a stack of my campaign mailers in a dumpster. Some patriots nearby heard a noise when she tossed them in & went to investigate. They found a stack of them and called me. No wonder people are skeptical of mail in voting.” Sheriff Nehls said.


Photo of the trashed campaign mailers:

Sheriff Nehls said his campaign relies on mailers because they don’t have money for TV advertising.


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  4. Fact: U.S. Mail is delivered by address not by name; therefore, mail ballots derived from faulty voter rolls that include automatically registered drivers license applicants, dead people, multiple registrations for the same person and many other “holes” in the registration system, are not delivered as “expected” to a person but to an address that may or may not include that person and does include other people who may not be eligible to vote or have other motives. Many states like California actually have more than a 100% registration rate as compared to the number of eligible voters and some districts show even much higher voter registrations like LA county. Further, the long-term practice at the U.S.P.S. for Carriers is if you don’t recognize the name, deliver it thereby promoting the “mis-delivery” of the ballots as well as other important mail such as the Flyer mentioned in this article. Add to this that Mail Handlers, Clerks and Letter Carriers are overwhelmingly pro-Democrat Union members that overwhelmingly contribute as PAC’s to support Democrats and Democrat causes (severely biased). Add in again, the fact that time and time again Democrats in Congress have been trying to “bail out” the Postal Service even though it constantly “reports” losses except when it comes to Bonus time for the Managers (note: bonuses are not given to lower employees). Add again to this the fact that the U.S.P.S. forwarding system is severely inadequate so large numbers of mailings are rejected as “not forwardable” or “not address correctable” by the automated systems of the mail stream (address forwarding and correction are only valid for up to 6 months not nearly enough for even one election / voting cycle). Another problem is the automated systems of the Postal Service use optical readers that can vette both Names and addresses (Addresses for delivery, Names for the Forwarding system and could easily be used to “select” certain elements for alterior motives. And finally, most station Managers routinely tell the Carriers to deliver the mail item rather than return it to the unit to minimize Carrier and Clerk hours which is calculated into the Bonus program for Supervisors and Managers. This clearly defines blanket mail voting as not secure, not accurate and systemically flawed.

  5. Every quarter the taxpayers dump money into the USPS because THEY FAIL TO MAKE MONEY. even Congress REFUSES to allow them to streamline their ops. It was Schumer and Durbin the last time and no one has heard shit since.

  6. A picture is worth a thousand words so if this postal worker is destroying valid US mail isn’t that a crime and isn’t that punishable? Has she been arrested?

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  8. I hope he called the FBI after he arrested the POS. That has to be some type of Federal Law broken. This POS better be fired and not given one penny of anything. I don’t care if they had 50 years of service in the Corrupt Union.

  9. we have lost controll of this country democrats want to controll us put us in chains probly gave him raise and promtion

  10. i HAVE HATED the USPS FOR YEARS, ever since i took the test and got into the top 1 % and was told why i wasnt hired back in 1980 over the phone ” you are a white male thats why no job for you ” WHITE PRIVILEGE MY ASS

    • You’re not alone. BOP called me and a black man advised me that he felt I wasn’t the type they were looking for and I advised him of my test scores but he said that they were behind in minority hires. Of course I advised him that I’d already been hired by another but more prestigious law enforcement agency and he could go f!ck himself.

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