WATCH: Trump Team Members Are Under Violent ATTACK – Please Pray

July 16, 2017 12:07 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – When you’re a public figure, especially a politician, you expect people to disagree with you. Maybe you get an occasional threat, but you don’t expect this nightmare.

Michael Caputo, a former Trump Campaign advisor, spoke out on Fox & Friends about the threats he has received. “I had one person say they were ANTIFA and they were going to burn my house to the ground with my wife and my toddler daughters inside,” he said.

Caputo is familiar with worrying that his life is in danger. He wrote a book about a Russian oligarch and had to take precautions to protect himself. The so-called liberals of ANTIFA are acting like dictators now, threatening anyone even remotely connected to President Trump.

Caputo knows that most of these threats will not be acted upon. However, he stated that the shooting in Alexandria, Virginia, at the Republican congressional baseball practice has made it clear that some of these threats could be very genuine.

Perhaps, though, someone is directing these anti-Fascists. Caputo mentioned that a Democrat congresswoman, Jackie Speier, mentioned Caputo and his wife, in an Intelligence Committee hearing.

Could this have been a signal to ANTIFA to target him? He did get the threats immediately afterward.

It at least broke the “rules” as Caputo understands them. There appears to be no reason for Speier to mention Caputo’s wife. The threats then targeted his whole family, which is something politicians usually do not have to deal with.

It’s unusual for an angry person to be so dedicated to their threat that they would look up the details of Caputo’s family, like the fact that he has two toddlers at home, but Speier gave them the first tidbit of information. Those who threaten politicians usually just attack the politicians themselves.

Michael Caputo and his family need our protection. The best thing Americans can do is call out the violent rhetoric from the Left and make it clear that violence is not an acceptable reaction to disagreeing over politics.

No one should be worried that their family will be shot. We need to regroup and, as Caputo suggests, get back on the same side as Americans. Liberals need to realize this most of all.

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