WATCH: Thug Savagely Attacks US Green Beret – Learns a Lesson He’ll NEVER Forget

April 9, 2017 10:46 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – The U.S. special forces are the most feared military unit in the world for a reason, and we couldn’t be more proud of them.

A soldier from the Peruvian Special Forces challenged a United States Green Beret to a fight when he was visiting Peru. The Peruvian never stood a chance. “He did it with just one finger? … With just one hand he put his a** out!” cried out onlookers in wonder.

The Green Beret did not hesitate, and the fight was over in an instant.

U.S. Special Forces, including the Green Berets, do not rely on fancy tricks or dance-based martial arts. They rely on efficiency and effectiveness alone.

The fight was designed as a test between the two countries’ elite soldiers. To replicate the reality of warfare, they did not have a referee or any rules.

The Green Beret was able to take out the attacker in a matter of moments with a strike that he made look effortless. In reality, years of training and dedication were required to remain calm and strike quickly and accurately.

The outcome of the fight proves that the Peruvian Special Forces are no match for the elite American military unit.

The fight would have likely lasted slightly longer if it involved a Army, Marine or Navy SEAL. These units are trained in traditional hand-to-hand combat. The Green Beret, on the other-hand, are clandestine warriors who rely on asymmetrical tactics to achieve victory.

Despite the trash talking from the Peruvian the fight was over before it began. The Green Beret was never worried, and he was able to determine his enemy’s weak spot. Just look at the satisfied smirk on the Green Beret’s face as he walks away.

This will certainly be the last time this Peruvian soldier challenges a member of the American military to a fight.

Hopefully his eyes recover, because his dignity never will. Go U.S.A!

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