Watch This Biden Campaign Stop Turn Incredibly Awkward As Per Usual For Biden Events

( Exclusive) – The coronavirus has been the perfect cover for Joe Biden’s campaign to hide the fact that nobody likes Joe Biden and nobody supports his campaign. Well, except of course, the leftist media outlets and fringe radical leftists who are counting on Biden to transform America into a dysfunctional liberal dystopia should he manage to steal the election next month. His “rallies” consist of 20-30 people, mostly reporters, standing inside arbitrary circles decked out in facemasks.

Joe Biden and the left have sharply criticized President Trump for not wearing a facemask at his rallies or most of the time he appears in public but President Trump is sending the American people the message that we should not live in complete fear of this virus, especially seeing as how it has a 98%+ survival rate. Meanwhile, Joe Biden and his cohorts would have us believe the Black Plague is loose in America claiming the lives of anyone it infects.

Nonetheless, without the virus there would be no way for Biden to hide his complete and utter lack of support on the campaign trail. While President Trump brings in thousands of supporters everywhere he goes, Biden plays the “public health safety” card and everyone is forced to don the mask and stay in their little circle. Does America really want a President who is so cowardly he is afraid of a virus and must hide behind a facemask 24/7? President Trump says Joe Biden is weak, and he is.

He’s also not quite altogether there which would explain his countless gaffes and missteps. At a socially distanced campaign stop in Las Vegas, Friday Joe Biden insisted that audience members be seated except there were clearly no chairs for anyone to sit down on.

After instructing everyone to have a seat in their nonexistent chairs Biden went on to make some bizarre comment about him becoming famous on television.

“By the way, you’re making me famous on television right now. I tell ya. They asked me is that my sister and I said, yeah.”

Uhh, what? Could Joe Biden be anymore awkward? This is exactly why he stayed in his basement for so long.

It’s really no wonder that Democrats are so fearful of the coronavirus. Their Party leaders continue to hype it up to be akin to the Bubonic Plague despite the fact that people really aren’t dying from this virus anymore and those that are have underlying health conditions that would make them more weak and vulnerable to any virus. Nonetheless, the Democrats are sticking strong with their narrative that the coronavirus will kill us all.

Joe Biden’s campaign manager Jennifer O’Malley Dillon said last month that people would surely die because of Trump rallies:

“People will die because of these types of events and that’s from the president of the United States,” Dillon said during an interview with Politico, while defending the Democratic nominee’s mostly virtual campaigning style. “And you look at folks that might not be wearing masks or aren’t taking this seriously and you understand how that’s the case.”

Dillon added she was “horrified” to see pictures from the day before of nearly 100 supporters congregating in a ballroom for a roundtable with the president on Monday.

Americans know the risks of the coronavirus and many, many feel the precautions and the restrictions are far too overbearing for the amount of actual risk there is. People want to live their lives. The Democrats, however, don’t feel that Americans should be able to make decisions regarding their own personal health and Joe Biden’s campaign is being in a way that reflects that. It just happens to work out as a good cover, also.

Joe Biden can have his silly little circles and his facemasks. We’d prefer a president who isn’t afraid of COVID-19 and who isn’t going to cower and hide instead of being the leader the American people elected him to be.


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  11. No what is scary is 4 more years of the Antichrist dictator in office now Think about it He is egotistical. Always has to be praised. Nobody does it better than Rump. Oops I l mean trump. If advisors say anything against trump he gets rid of them. He promotes violence. He thrives on it. Since he has been in office everybody in senate is a yes man becuz they are afraid of the repercussions from speaking out. If the impeachment voting had been anonymous I’m positive they would have impeached him. Becuz he took advantage of his office. While people died. Also if he wanted to he could just sit back and watch the country implode. He can’t run again so he might just decide being the prez is to hard and do nothing for four years. I wouldn’t put it past him. He is dangerous and the worst president we have ever had.

    • ok, now that you got your rant out of the way, is there anything you have to support your statements?
      Dictator, who actually follows the US Constitution and lets Governors deal with non-Federal issues, unlike his primary opponent who stated he would ignore those restrictions and then, 2 days later, said, opps, I can’t do that (Biden re National Mask Mandate)
      Everyone is a yes man, other than Romney, Sasse, Murkowski, Collins just off the top of my head on the R side and every D, no matter how deranged their statements might be
      People died, as they did during the Amazing O’s (should be a comic book or cereal with that name) tenure, as well as GB, BC, GWHB, as far as you want to list. The nature of being alive, although perhaps the Amazing O will be the singular exception, since he claimed to be so unique, able to cause the oceans to stop rising and all.
      Antichrist, well, that’s beyond me to comment on. I’ve not seen the horns and brimstone fire, but without actual reporters on the scene I’ll just have to accept you have special insight into issues like that. I do know that no members of the media have been thrown into jail in the last 3.75 years, unlike the 8 years prior, where it was a fairly common event.
      Thanks for playing this edition of ‘no facts, just raving’. Come back soon

    • JC got Trump Derangement syndrome …many a loser suffers the very same thing ..
      The cure of course is to become a productive citizen which seems hard to accomplish being one of today’s piece of trash though.

  12. ” Joey ” better be careful with all his little jogs trying to prove how spry he is. If he hurts himself we may get Hyena Harris even sooner : a prospect too terrifying to even contemplate.

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    • Well he was the VP to the king of racism Hussein Obama you know ? The late great democrat Robert Byrd from W. Virginia was the leader of the democrat party and a fellow racist of Obama’s..
      Can you judge them by their associations ? You betcha.. today’s progressive democrat are as racist as Robert Byrd himself !

    • YES YES YES Trump 2020. To scare people into voting for Trump imagine this scenario if plugs wins. Hunter will be ambassador to china, Killary will be the Russian ambassador, slick Willy will be the Haitian ambassador, Lie a watha in charge of commerce, Crazy Bernie his chief adviser, already out common sense (AOC) in charge of EPA, the Somali panderer UN ambassador, commie Kamala as VICE PRESIDENT. Talk about nightmares, with other appointments this country will truly be considered a ship of fools with no destination or rudder

  14. Joe Biden will only be president for about six months should they win the election at that point he will step down over health reasons. Then we will have Harris as President and all I can say is God help us.

  15. After listening to this biden bilge I can understand what has happened here: Edgar couldn’t bring twenty horses, so he brought one jackass.

  16. Biden doesn’t really matter. Old time Dems will do exactly what their fathers told them years ago. And that is to vote Dem no matter what. What you must be aware of is if Biden is elected, then is unable to serve, Kamala becomes President. Then Pelosi will be next in line. Horrors, a million times, horrors. Pelosi and Clinton, how much corruption can this nation stand?

    • This is their plan, get Biden in then cast him aside and KAMALA steps in. These people are evil and dangerous and need to be stopped.

    • Don’t forget if Biden is elected, and the dems take the senate, they will change the laws/rules so they can never lose again – no electoral college, stack the scotus so they will approve ALL leftists ideas that can not get legislated, bring in two new states with their four new leftist senators, allow vote by mail and ballot harvesting nationwide, cancel culture so no other voices can be heard. THOSE are the things third world and/or communist countries do to make sure they remain in power. The voters are helpless to change the officials – see Venezuela, Cuba, Nicaragua, NOKO, China, etc I think we can survive 4 years of Biden but NOT the total control of our voting that they would bring with them. “Win at any cost” is their favorite saying. They thought they had that never ending control with Hil but were wrong.

  17. It is a good thing that Biden is finally doing rallies. The more people see him, the more they distrust him (and for very good reason).

    • You could be correct, chopper. They think the masks will stop the smell from us “smelly” wal mart people.


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