WATCH: Tebow HUMILIATES Anti-Trump Liberals By Doing THIS On National TV

May 19, 2017 10:01 am  

(Angry Patriot) – The radical Left, Big Hollywood, and the mainstream media hate it when the true conservative celebrities engage in acts of kindness. They simply lose their minds.

The radical Left loves abortion — why? We don’t know, but watch this video of Tim Tebow dancing with a disabled girl. The radical Left would have aborted this beautiful young lady, but Tim Tebow is dancing with her, illustrating that every human being has value. Gorgeous!

Tim Tebow is an American patriot, but Big Hollywood and the mainstream media hate conservative stars. They work overtime trying to hide the acts of celebrities like Tebow from the public.

Patriots, we need to support Tebow against the leftist assault. They nearly destroyed the guy’s career. It is so sad to see conservative voices silenced by the mainstream media.

The media thinks we are stupid and deplorable. They would rather just pander to liberals than simply recognize us, the silent majority. We are not going to tolerate this any longer.

Every day, we are seeing more conservatives stand up to the media. Tebow is one such man. He isn’t going to let the radical Left control the narrative.

Tim Tebow is the polar opposite of the the villainous Colin Kaepernick. We can’t stand that anti-American quarterback.

The radical Left loves to showboat their liberal celebrities, but when those same celebrities are cornered, they say and do the most ridiculous things imaginable. There are too many lost souls in the media. We need to take the media back from these loony liberals.

The mainstream media has overstepped and overreached. If they aren’t silencing conservative voices, they are smearing the character of honest Americans, like Bill O’Reilly. We all need to be wary of the mainstream media.

We just don’t know who to trust anymore. It is a serious problem, but we at least know we cannot trust the mainstream media. They don’t even try to hide their bias anymore; is that honesty or stupidity? I can’t even tell anymore, patriots.

We need to take back the narrative. We need more conservatives in office, so that we can push back against the leftist assault on our basic liberties. Tebow is a defender of American exceptionalism, and we need to stand by him.

At least with Trump in office, we have started to make progress. We can finally start to see REAL hope and change, unlike the snake oil Obama tried to sell us. We are finally starting to see a better America, despite the leftist media’s bizarre claims.

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