WATCH: Shock Video Surfaces To Expose MASSIVE Voter Fraud – It’s WORSE Than We Thought

July 6, 2017 10:41 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Voter fraud is one of the biggest threats to our country. If we can’t ensure the integrity of our elections, we don’t truly have a Republic. The tolerance of voter fraud means any interest, domestic or foreign, can buy an election at will.

A new undercover video is blowing the lid off the widespread voter fraud carried out by the Hillary Clinton’s election machine during the 2016 General Election. Insiders were caught on camera describing how they hired illegal aliens to vote for Hillary! This is disturbing.

The video was recorded by an organization called Voter Fraud is Real. Their website emphasizes the bipartisan need to stop voter fraud in America. Both sides of the political spectrum benefit from honest elections.

That’s why they went to great lengths to talk to an inside source who worked for the Clinton campaign. His identity is kept anonymous for his protection. Since he was actively engaged in organizing voter fraud on behalf of Clinton, he’d be facing serious jail time and worse, given the Clinton history of “dealing” with those who cross them.

The source came forward to Voter Fraud is Real after being ripped off. After Clinton had lost, the campaign didn’t pay him the money they’d promised. The money train ran out as there would no longer be public money or graft without Hillary Clinton in the White House.

The video reveals that illegal aliens are at the heart of Democrat voter fraud schemes. The anonymous subject was tasked with registering illegals to vote. The total number of illegals who cast ballots for Clinton nationwide was in the MILLIONS!

The Clinton campaign used these illegal voters to help her beat Bernie Sanders in the Primary Election. Then, they came to her assistance again to try to rig the General Election against Donald Trump. Fortunately, they weren’t successful.

Nevertheless, they came close. They managed to create the illusion that Hillary Clinton won the popular vote, giving Leftists an excuse to riot and challenge President Trump’s legitimacy.

It’s funny how Democrats always laugh at even the suggestion that there’s voter fraud in the United States. When Trump or his surrogates assert that voter fraud is real, the Left mockingly asks “where’s the evidence?” We have documented thousands of cases of illegals voting. Just this year, a Texas non-citizen woman was arrested for voting for Clinton (via New York Times).

You’d think Democrats would want to stop voter fraud as much as Republicans. After all, voter fraud can work against either party. But the Left doesn’t want it to end because they’re the ones who most benefit from it. Illegal voting is the only reason the Dems still win elections! They’ll die before they support honest election efforts.

Whenever conservatives propose measures to safeguard our elections, the Left plays the “racism card.” What exactly is “racist” about presenting a valid ID to vote? It is something to which they still can’t give a valid answer.

It’s time to unearth the full extent of Democrat voter fraud. Identify guilty parties and put them in jail–including Crooked Hillary Clinton. Fair, honest elections will be the death knell of the Democrat party!

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