WATCH: Rush Makes Terrifying Revelation on LIVE Radio. Listeners Freaked Out.

March 9, 2017 7:53 pm  

(Angry Patriot Movement) – Rush Limbaugh is not only worried about America but also the intended victim of Obama’s vicious targeting. If Obama succeeds, this once great land is doomed!

“Folks, we are in the midst of dangerous times like you cannot believe, and Donald J. Trump is the target,” Limbaugh said. He also believes the president’s revelations about Obama wiretapping Trump Tower are about to “play out beautifully.”

According to Rush, and he seems entirely right on this one, President Trump had it with all of the lies being hurled at him by the mainstream media and Obama loyalists and decided to fire back with extreme force. Limbaugh said the Obama folks wanted Trump to go along with the big lie about the Russians hacking the DNC emails, so he gave them a whopping dose of their own medicine.

The entire foundation of the liberal agenda when pushing the Russian hacking agenda is an attempt to delegitimize Trump’s presidency. Thank to WikiLeaks‘ Vault 7 document dump, we now know the CIA can fake electronic hacking tactics to make it appear to be coming from another entity — in this case the Russians.

Obama’s CIA and other intelligence heads all agreed the Russians did it. However, not one ounce of hard proof existed then or now, only a consensus of opinions from Obama loyalists.

These same liberal cronies are now debunking their entire narrative about exactly how results of electronic hacking or surveillance can be determined. Because Trump has not yet offered any concrete evidence Trump Tower was wiretapped, in their eyes it could not have happened.

The president has effectively forced the liberal pundits and the intelligence community “experts” he is stuck with (until they are replaced) to yank their own narrative right out from under themselves. To defend themselves, and the conclusion that the Russians did it, they have to lend credence to Trump’s wiretapping allegations.

If there wasn’t any wiretapping of Trump Tower, why do we know about the calls he made to other world leaders? How can we possibly be privy to the information the mainstream media are stuffing down our throats about Trump’s supposed collusion with Russia?

The WikiLeaks Vault 7 leaks also revealed the CIA has the capacity to conduct surveillance via smart televisions, cell phones, and computers when they are online. Could the CIA have been watching and listening to the then president-elect by these means?

“What about all these leaks from the deep state that contain details, everything you want to know except the source identity? If there’s no investigation, if there wasn’t any way Obama could have tapped Trump Tower because no such thing was going on, then how does any of this other stuff happen? It’s entirely possible, and I must confess that I have thought this,” Rush said during his radio show.

Liberals completely made up the Russian-Trump connection in an effort to launch the investigation into the act they now vehemently deny ever took place. The media fervor over Trump and the Russians was an elaborate sleight of hand meant to give Hillary a much needed “edge”… but she lost anyway. However, that doesn’t seem to be stopping liberals from attempting vigorous payback, sabotage, and the disruption of Trump’s presidency.

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