Watch: Rally In London To Protest Arrest Of Tommy Robinson: “The Establishment Will Not Silence Us”

June 12, 2018 7:08 pm  

( – One of the most significant news stories in the Western world this year has certainly been the chillingly Orwellian arrest of Tommy Robinson, the English journalist who has been working tirelessly to expose the corruption and rampant crime that has accompanied the UK’s self-destructive “multicultural” open-border policies.

With the open borer of a sovereign nation has come a wave of Islamic extremist civilization jihadists and downright animalistic criminals, who have rendered some areas of major English cities so violent police won’t even go there, who groom and rape young English women in gangs are rarely go punished, often continuing to live happily on the government dime.

Robinson was arrested in the course of reporting on a case involving one of the most notorious rape gangs in England, a long-awaited chance at justice for a people who have watched criminals go unpunished for far too long in their invaded homeland.

You might think this language is hyperbolic–the Brits that gathered to protest Tommy’s arrest for merely standing outside a courtroom and filming with his phone would disagree.

They are watching their nation disappear before them as it is overtaken by an invading army. An invading army aided by their own government.

On Monday, these Brits, some even waving Gadsden flags in a nod to their neighbors across the pond who set the standard for defiance to the Brits, gathered outside White Hall in London to voice their disgust at their government for letting criminals go free while arresting journalists who just want to seek out and expose the truth of the deep level of corruption in his country.

The Rebel’s Katie Hopkins who attended the rally says:

For too long, the victims of rape squads in the U.K. were ignored. Rotherham, Telford, Rochdale, Oxford, Newcastle — the list goes on.

But Tommy Robinson refused to look away. Despite known risk to his freedom, he persisted. Reporting known facts from the street outside a court in Leeds where a rape squad faced justice.

He was arrested simply for being there. Arrested, charged & sentenced in five hours. Given 13 months inside Hull Prison for contempt of court. Together with a sinister media ban to silence reporting of his plight.

And so, here today outside Whitehall, people protest.

But there is something else here.

The crowd is drawn by something bigger than Tommy, something greater than one man. Old, young, mothers, daughters and dads, drawn together by a shared sense that our country has got it all wrong, and Britain has lost its way.

Here’s Hopkins’ report from the ground:

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