WATCH: Obama Makes SICK Video Glorifying Violent Rapper, What’s Your Response?

June 18, 2017 11:04 am  

(Angry Patriot) – Liberals like to squawk that President Trump is a phony because he is a “celebrity president.” Ironically, they seem to have conveniently forgotten about Hollywood’s favorite president — Barack Obama.

Look no further than his connection to rapper Jay-Z. The former president just released a video about their friendship and praised Jay-Z for being inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame. Obama must not care that Jay is a violent rapper who promotes misogyny and violence against cops.

Obama has done more than just promote Jay-Z in a recent video. Back when he was president, he took a picture with Jay-Z and Beyonce and shared it to his Twitter page. He welcomed Jay-Z’s support on the campaign trail as well (via NewsBusters). It doesn’t take long to figure out who the REAL celebrity is here.

There is something disturbing about all of this. In his music, Jay-Z OPENLY promotes violence against women and police. He stokes the fires of racial tension for profit. We are not talking one or two instances; we are talking WHOLE albums.

Jay-Z even made a song for Obama called “My President is Black.” In the song, the phrase “no more white lies, my president is black” appears multiple times. Does anyone else find that statement a little racist?

You can see how disgusting Jay-Z is when you listen to his other songs, too. He has been heard referencing shooting cops and flipping a “middle finger” to the law on numerous occasions.

It is interesting to listen to the Left claim that Obama did not incite racial tension in our country, yet we see him making these kinds of connections. Obama is one of the MAIN culprits of the racial tension — and we’re seeing the rotten fruit of that now. Luckily, President Trump has been trying to bring American together again.

The only problem: Liberals don’t care about unifying and solving problems. They are only concerned with their own agenda and will shut anyone down who does not agree with them. We have watched it happen time and time again. How is it possible that they can’t see the fear and hate that they are breeding in our country?

Speaking of fear and hate, what about the lyrics of Jay-Z supporting misogyny. We have heard Jay-Z call women plenty of profane names that Obama should NEVER want to hear — especially considering he has two daughters. If asked, he would probably say that it is just “Jay-Z’s art” and he doesn’t see a problem with it.

The problem with hateful art is that it causes some people to teeter on the edge and makes for a VERY hostile environment. If he was so willing to brush aside the profane messages and lyrics of Jay-Z, why isn’t he at least willing to admit that they are contributing to the problem?

The good news is we do not have to worry about Obama anymore; we have a president who CARES now. But it is worth noting that Obama has ALWAYS has been the biggest celebrity president, and he will be known that way for years to come. The sooner liberals face the truth, the better. After all, it isn’t Trump who has been fully embraced by Hollywood — quite the opposite!

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