Watch: Mask Nazi Wrecks Pizza Joint After Seeing Fellow Customer Not Wearing Mask

Man goes berserk after seeing someone ignoring mask mandate

(Infowars) – Footage captured inside a Canadian pizza joint shows a man throwing a tantrum after he sees another customer not wearing a face mask.

The video shot inside a “Pizza Pizza” restaurant in Toronto captures the incident just as it escalates.

According to the Redditor who posted the confrontation, the incident began when the masked patron saw the other customer without a mask and took out his phone to start filming.

Buddy in the suit was trying to record the gentlemen in the hoody not wearing a mask. When gentlemen in the hoody turned his back and put up his hood to stop himself from being filmed, buddy in the suit tried to physically turn him around to get a shot of his face. Once suit touches gentlemen in the hoody, gentlemen in the hoody pushes him off. Upon being pushed, suit start screaming about being assaulted and destroys pizza display.

The Reddit poster also described the aftermath of the incident, claiming the man in the suit came back to scold employees for serving a customer without a mask and tell them he’s a lawyer and will sue them, but he reportedly fled the scene after employees informed him they’d called the police.

After video finishes he comes back to try and yell at employee for serving an unmasked guest. Also claims he is a lawyer and will be suing pizza pizza. Continued his tirade until employee says he has called the police then man in the suit literally runs out of the store and disappears. Gentlemen in the hoody comes back about 10 mins later to collect a dipping sauce he forgot.

The best part is the man freaking out isn’t even wearing his mask properly.

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  1. “. . .Black Lives Matter activism materials and the New York Times’ “1619 Project,” which claims America was founded on slavery and racism.”

    Well this is interesting! I thought the Pilgrims left Europe so they could worship God in freedom. I thought the Quakers came to Pennsylvania to practice their faith freely. Thus is it is a myth that the corporations that sent settlers to Virginia and Maryland did not sent the people to establish a business colony to America as an investment.This is all very interesting that all these people really came to invent something that has been in societies long before the Egyptians or Romans. it seems to me that the leftist in forcing their wills and mandated thought of their contrivance is inventing slavery all over again.


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