WATCH: Lou Dobbs Goes NUCLEAR On Obama And Loretta Lynch – Dems Panic

July 16, 2017 1:03 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Lou Dobbs knows exactly where to hit. This time, he wanted to expose the Obama Justice Department.

Of campaign donations from those who work at the Department of Justice, 97 percent went to Hillary Clinton over President Trump. It’s clear the DoJ is a deep swamp.

While big players like Loretta Lynch are obviously corrupt to most, sometimes we fail to consider the overall culture that she created in the department.

It just makes sense that if you’re a politically motivated person with intent to break the law and enable corruption, you want those around you to feel the same.

So, all kinds of Deep State agents run amok in the Justice Department. They know that they were on Clinton’s side, and that’s why they gave Clinton their donations.

How could such a department function properly to hold Clinton, or anyone of the liberal persuasion, accountable to the law? They didn’t.

Thankfully, after the election of President Trump and the appointment of Jeff Sessions, progress has begun to make changes at the Department of Justice and to hold Lynch (and Eric Holder) responsible for ruining it in the first place.

As Dobbs mentions, Loretta Lynch is now under investigation for her behavior towards Clinton. There is plenty of evidence to charge her on, between instructing former FBI Director James Comey to call the Clinton investigation a “matter,” to meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac just before making a decision about Hillary Clinton’s fate.

The latest potential crime Lynch should be investigated for is, of course, allowing a Russian lawyer with an expired Visa into the country to meet with Donald Trump Jr. With near certainty, this evidence shows collusion between the Russian and Obama’s Administration.

It has yet to be revealed whether Lynch was ordered to let the Russian in, or whether she was instrumental to the scheme creating the Russian collusion story. Either way, her effect on the Department of Justice is clear.

Thankfully, Hillary Clinton was not elected, and the corruption in the Department of Justice was not allowed to continue. We’ve begun to drain it instead.

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