WATCH: Judge Jeanine Releases EPIC Plan for Hawaii After They Attacked Trump

March 20, 2017 11:45 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – U.S. District Attorney and Judge Jeanine Pirro appeared on Fox News to give Hawaii a lesson on the Constitution.

A federal judge from Hawaii recently blocked the latest attempt at a travel ban set forth by President Trump, but Hawaii did not accept one refugee from any of the countries included in the executive order, so Judge Jeanine plans to send all of the refugees to Hawaii!

“This is the most hypocritical reaction to the president and this executive order,” Pirro boomed on Fox & Friends.

Judge Jeanine was reacting to the decision issued by the Hawaiian judge, who claimed the travel ban would have a negative impact of Hawaii’s economy. However, Hawaii has not accepted one person from any of the six countries listed in the temporary travel ban.

So, Judge Jeanine says, “I think all of the refugees should go to Hawaii, and that way, at least they will have a nexus, a connection to the lawsuit. Because right now, I do not think they have standing…You do not cloak individuals who are not citizens of the United States, who live in foreign countries, you do not cloak them with the Constitution of the United States.”

This is just another indication that the Hawaiian judge’s decision had no basis in law or reality, and it was merely a political stunt used to oppose anything President Trump put forth.

The judge’s 43-page decision was released a mere two hours after he heard the case. It is impossible that he would have had time to consider the merit of the trial and write a justified decision in just two hours. It’s more likely he had the decision written ahead of time.

This is a clear abuse of power by an activist judge. It is not the job of the judiciary to make the law, and this misguided interpretation of the Constitution will not stand up to further review. It was later revealed that the judge was a former classmate of Obama, who also appointed him.

Not only did the judge misrepresent the Constitution, but his legal argument was based on a lie. The establishment clause that the judge’s decision was based on does not apply to foreign individuals, especially when you consider that there is absolutely no connection to Hawaii.

I think we should pursue Judge Jeanine’s plan. We do not want this judge to be a liar, so we should give him a leg to stand on by ensuring that all refugees are settled on the tropical island!

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