WATCH: Jesse Watters Just Cleared Trump’s Name With 1 Sentence. Liberals Are FURIOUS.

May 22, 2017 9:30 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Jesse Watters remains the voice of reason, dismantling liberal talking points with his characteristic wit.

On a recent addition of the Fox News round-table discussion show The Five, Jesse Watters humiliated the Democrats by saying the “only thing Trump has obstructed is Hillary moving in to the White House.”

Additionally, in the short segment, Watters explains in more detail why the recent impeachment narrative is fake news.

The liberal media has worked themselves into a fervor after the New York Times reported on the details of the mysterious journal of the former FBI director known as the “Comey Memo.”

The Comey memos are the personal ledger of James Comey. After meeting with President Trump, Comey would record the details of the meetings in his ledger to later share with his colleagues.

According to the New York Times, and other liberal rags following in their footsteps, one meeting between Comey and the President in February ended with President Trump “obstructing justice” by asking Comey not to investigate General Michael Flynn.

However, the details of the documents have not been confirmed. Even the New York Times reporter who broke the story has never read any of the memos himself. We are relying on the hearsay of hearsay.

Even if the New York Times’ report is true — and, let’s face it, the New York Times has done nothing lately to earn our trust — it would not amount to a crime. The president did not threaten James Comey. Even Comey admitted no crime was committed when he testified before the Senate on May 8th, the day before he was fired.

However, Jesse Watters did uncover the real reason why President Trump is being targeted by the media — he beat Hillary Clinton. It was obvious to all observers that the media was in bed with the Clinton campaign, and many so-called reporters broke out in tears on election night as their chosen candidate was obliterated in the electoral college.

The media hates President Trump because he humiliated them and revealed them as the frauds that they are.

The media attempted to flex their muscle to win Hillary the election in 2016. They attempted to use their influence to defeat Donald Trump. They only succeeded in proving their irrelevance.

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