Watch: Every Player And Coach Takes A Knee During National Anthem Before NBA Restart

(Breitbart) – The NBA promised a social justice message when they restarted their season, and they delivered. On Thursday night, every player and coach for the Jazz and Pelicans took a knee during the national anthem.

In addition, every player wore a Black Lives Matter shirt.

The NBA also endorsed the players’ protest by tweeting out video of the demonstration from the league’s official account.

Nearly every player wore a social justice message on their jerseys where their names usually go. Some messages read, “Freedom,” some said “Equality.”

“Black Lives Matter” was emblazoned at the top of the court, directly above the NBA logo.


Major League Baseball, America’s heretofore least politically active major sports league, held protests at the beginning of each game on Opening Day. The NFL is also expected to have protests when their season resumes in September.


  1. I have been an avid pro football fan for 50+ years, but I may not watch a single game this season. I am a proud American above a football fan! I am appalled by the blatant disrespect shown our national anthem, our flag, and our country by taking a knee. Take your protests elsewhere, not on the NBA courts, the baseball and football fields. I kneel to only one man, Jesus Christ!

  2. I am done watching all sports. Always looked forward to Fall because I am a huge football fan but now NFL going to play black national anthem….never mind they are the NATIONAL Football League and nothing more division then a different anthem for Black people. And now NCAA is allowing social justice messages on players uniforms. Don’t need this crap in my life. Life will definitely go on without them.

  3. Change the name to the Chinese Basketball Association. They deserted us – it is past time for us to leave them!!!

  4. They have no fans in the stands. So if everyone watching the game on TV would simply turn it off when these players take a knee, maybe that would get someones attention. No viewers will certainly send a message to advertisers.

  5. Discusting the nba is supporting a terroist organization. ungrateful dbags who are all millionaires who wouldn’t be anything in any other country in the world. they disrespect the very country that gave them the opportunity to become very wealthy. the nba is a racists organization who hates white people.

  6. All these millionaires and not one of them donate a dime to their precious cause .

    They’re just over paid tall garbage men folks .

  7. NBA had a standing order since the early 1980’s that ALL players MUST STAND during the National Anthem, but have bowed to pressure to allow them all to kneel “in these trying times”.

    Good-bye NFL, 4 years and counting, and now Good-bye to the NBA starting this year. They can take their knee at any time, yet they choose to do it during the Anthem. Anti-American and anti-Anthem [email protected]……

    • As Patriots to this country, there is nothing left in the sports world for us to watch NFL,NBA,NHA, NASSCAR, Baseball, I suspect College sports will be next.


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