WATCH: Eric Bolling Issues POWERFUL Warning to Liberals. Agree?

June 17, 2017 1:49 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Eric Bolling of Fox News fame spoke recently about the shooting that occurred when Republican congressmen were practicing for their annual charity baseball game. He had some POWERFUL words for liberals.

Bolling spoke at length about the recent SYMBOLIC attacks on Trump and explained their connection to violence against conservatives. Then he went for the jugular: “Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities.” He couldn’t be more correct, but the Left doesn’t care.

"Crazy people act on the crazy things they hear from politicians and celebrities." – Eric Bolling

Posted by Fox News on Wednesday, June 14, 2017


The symbolic attacks have been on the rise lately, and now we are paying the price. Celebrities and the mainstream media are working together to try to destroy Trump. Instead of simply focusing on the next election, they are inciting people to attack ANYONE who leans conservative on the political scale.

Bolling touched on the Kathy Griffin incident. Kathy held up a prop of Trump’s head covered in blood for a photo shoot. She defended it as art, and eventually, she blamed Trump for all of her problems.

Next, he spoke about the controversy surrounding rapper Snoop Dogg. Snoop has a music video where he holds a gun to the head of a clown that looks like President Trump and pulls the trigger.

His third example of symbolism is regarding a play taking place in New York. The play is supposed to be a modern day representation of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. The play shows a man who is dressed and looks like Trump, with a wife resembling (and talking like) Melania, getting viciously stabbed to death.

You can see just how out of line the Left has become in recent months. Now we are ALL paying the price of such ignorant behavior.

Bolling also took the time to talk about how the Left are reacting to Trump’s new healthcare plan. There are politicians shouting about how SO MANY PEOPLE are going to die, with no evidence to back up their absurd claims.

The result: folks who are “radical Left” are hearing these arguments and SEEING this violence, and it is a call to arms for them. They are going around trying to MURDER people for having different political beliefs. It is insanity, plain and simple. How many people have to get hurt or die before the issue is addressed?

On top of celebrities and politicians, we have the mainstream media shoving the liberal agenda down our throats. People are getting radicalized in the same way that radical Muslims turn to ISIS. If we do not put a stop to this early, we are going to end up with constant attacks against the patriots of this country.

We have already had some of our constitutional rights stripped from us. If we don’t stop the Democrats politically, our family and friends are going to be in danger of real violence. It is time to STAND UP to Left and let them know that their days of bullying people who don’t think like them are OVER.

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