WATCH: Cops Make BOMBSHELL Discovery In Drug Bust – Liberals Want THIS Buried

July 16, 2017 12:04 pm  

(Angry Patriot) – Florida cops have done some amazing police work, and have given us all another reason to dismantle the welfare state.

A heroin dealer has been busted. Law enforcement discovered that he is an illegal alien, AND on food stamps!

It’s obvious to everyone, except the most closed-minded liberals, that illegal aliens bring crime into the country.

It has been obvious for a long time, and well before this man’s 2014 bust. In fact, he had already pled guilty to other crimes before 2014, like so many other illegals.

The issue of illegal immigration and its effects are evident to everyone. Liberals, somewhere deep down, know that these people cause crime. They just don’t care.

Most liberals know that the Democrats would have no chance without the votes of illegal immigrants. They want their party to win and are willing to sacrifice anything for it, including the safety of their fellow Americans.

They’ll also sacrifice our financial security and freedom at the altar of political power. Consider this drug dealer, wrapping his heroin in golden foil while eating the food that hard working Americans provide for the less fortunate.

This isn’t unusual. Lower ranking people in this drug operation were on food stamps, too. The Angry Patriot has previously reported on plenty of other illegal immigrant food stamp fraud cases, including one family accused of selling the food provided by the rest of us.

If the Democrats hadn’t made a system where these illegal immigrants could get food and other financial support without working, it’s safe to say they wouldn’t be interested in coming here. Now, with President Trump in office, illegal immigration is declining.

Why come to a country where you may have to work for a living? The agreement between the liberals and illegals (and for plenty of other groups) is well known–vote for Democrats and they will pay for your lifestyle.

That’s why liberals react so passionately when people from these groups, especially legal immigrants, disagree with them. Liberals think that they’ve bought and paid for other people’s opinions and votes.

Well, it’s time to wake up, liberals. We live in America, where people work hard, think for themselves, and vote as they please. Trumps’ presidency is just one indication that this mentality is back and growing!

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