Watch: Boris Epshteyn, Former Special Assistant To President Trump, Just Dropped A Huge Bombshell: “Freight Train Of Audits Are Coming!”

( Exclusive) – Former Special Assistant to President Donald Trump, Boris Epshteyn, recently sat down with Steve Bannon on his “War Room” show Thursday morning, following Biden’s speech to Congress on Wednesday night.

According to a report from the Gateway Pundit, Boris, who has been following the current forensic audit happening in Maricopa County, Arizona, and revealed that this one event is going to spark a “freight train” of election audits across the country.

This is a huge deal. If Democrats are left unchecked, they will continue to rig every single election going forward, which will mean a retention of the power of Congress, the White House, and eventually the Court too.

In other words, if voter fraud is not confronted right now, then we lose this country for good. That’s not melodrama. That’s the truth. If you look at the way the Democratic Party is acting right now, it seems as if they are confident they can actually pull this off. That’s a terrifying thought.

This is why they are so terrified of the Maricopa County forensic audit and are trying to shut it down. If the audit is allowed to be completed, many experts believe the results will prove massive voter fraud occurred. If that is the case, it will spawn other audits across the country.

Now, that doesn’t mean Trump will be put back into office. But it will at least expose the wickedness of the Democratic Party and spur legislative changes to be made to prevent them from trying this garbage again.

It is critical that we as a nation investigate any and all claims of voter fraud and take them seriously. Sure, we might dig around a little and find out it was all a lie. So what? That’s no big deal. But if we find evidence that voter fraud happened, that means our election system was compromised.

Tons of Americans are going to lose faith in the system. That faith was already damaged and hanging by a thread. In order to restore that faith, we will need to root out the proof that fraud happened and take legitimate ideas to defeat this threat to our republic.

And wouldn’t it be satisfying to expose the radicals for what they really are? There’s nothing more exciting than watching people be woken up to the truth.

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  1. You could have a freight train full of solid evidence but Today’s Low iq libtrash will deny it to the end .
    That explains why obama and Biden are not in prison .

  2. I find of interest that postings are disappearing from one day to the next. Why?

    I also find it interesting that it is made clear by the expounders that the forensic audits are not intended to alter the outcome of the election, but are to prevent it from happening again. Now it is also of interest that the point is emphasized that the election results have been “certified” and cannot be retracted thus figuratively encased in stone, but the fraud was known BEFORE the certification. It was known that there were over 11,000 fewer registered voters than ballots counted. Biden won Arizona by just over 10,000 ballots, and no concerns of fraud were of interest to the media of the Board of Supervisors.
    This is not a new phenomena in elections, YET the count and obvious known fraudulence is allowed to stand and is certified in Arizona and in MANY elections across our country for multiple election cycles. Thus is amazing that KNOWN fraudulent election results are able to be certified and an illegally elected official is then given the power in our government.


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