Watch: Border Patrol Agent Nails Down 5 Simple Points On Why The Migrant Caravan Is Such A Threat

December 3, 2018 11:19 am  

( – Only a few short years ago, it would have been insane to imagine having to explain to anyone why a group of thousands of migrants trying to rush our border checkpoints was a bad thing.

But it’s 2018, and Trump Derangement Syndrome is so rampant that we find ourselves having to break down why crime is bad.

It’s easy enough for the layperson to explain why we need, you know, law and order at our sovereign border, but you certainly don’t need to take the word of the average person when those who are most intimately involved with the threat to our nation’s security have made it quite clear.

Border Patrol agent Brandon Judd recently cut a video for The Daily Caller explaining in five simple points why it is legitimate to call the migrant caravan “dangerous.”

First up, Judd explains the economic impact the caravan could have in our nation.

According to the Federation for American Immigration Reform, Judd says, out of the 11,2 million illegal immigrants living in the US, 8 million occupy jobs that would otherwise be available to Americans.

That’s 71.4 percent of all illegal immigrants being paid for jobs Americans could do, a stunning number.

“That is a huge economic impact on the country,” Judd explains. “That’s something that can affect each and every individual.”

Second, as the Department of Homeland Security has reported, at least 270 members of the migrant caravan are known criminals and gang members.

“If we look at how many U.S. citizens have lost their lives, either to murder, to drunk drivers that have hit their vehicles, we’ve lost an awful lot of U.S. citizens to crime in the United States that is caused by the illegal aliens,” Judd says.

Third, Judd points out the very real danger the caravan poses to the safety of Border Patrol agents, as demonstrated in the violent behavior at the San Ysidro checkpoint last weekend when migrants threw rocks and other objects at agents.

“Oftentimes we come into conflict in which they assault our agents, they actively resist our agents,” Judd explains. “Which then makes it very difficult for our agents to do their jobs.”

Forth, there is the overall civil unrest the migrants are likely to bring with them.

“Whenever you have people that are coming to a sovereign nation and they’re trying to impose their will upon another government, you’re going to have problems,” Judd says.

“What’s happening is these people are coming here and they’re saying, ‘I’m going to break your laws and you’re going to like it.’ And frankly, we shouldn’t like it.”

The members of the caravan have already plainly demonstrated their penchant for mob violence.

Finally, the fifth point Judd gives is one you’d think anyone would agree poses a threat when anyone is free to just waltz across our border with no repercussions.

Drug smuggling.

“The cartels control all of the illegal crime that takes place both on the north side and south side of the border,” Judd explains. “Not only are they smuggling illegal aliens, but they’re also smuggling drugs.”

A “bonus” reason Judd offers is that the women and children who the media loves to tell us make up the majority of the caravan (they don’t) are subject to awful treatment by the other members, as we saw when women and children were shoved into the tear gas for the deliberately evocative photo ops.

Sadly, these are all pretty common sense reasons to realize the dangers of the caravan that anyone could work out with even a basic working understanding as to how borders work and the interests of those seeking to cross them illegally.

The rarity of common sense in our nation seems to be nearly as dangerous as the criminals and smugglers themselves.

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