Watch: BLM Protesters Explain Why They Want To Destroy America

‘I believe the system is racist, which encourages the society to become racist,’ says one protester

(Infowars) – Austen Fletcher of “Fleccas Talks” released a video of Black Lives Matter protesters in Vegas over the weekend explaining their thoughts about racism, America, police, and the 2020 election.

Predictably, many of the answers the protesters gave to interviewer Natali Ivonne were rooted in ignorance, racism, Marxism, and intolerance.

Flashback: Black Lives Matter Storm Target: We Will Shut Your Business Down

On Friday night, a group of Black Lives Matter activists began shouting a political script in a Target store in Washington, D.C.

The verbal assault was led by a male with a bullhorn, who read the script in portions which were were then shouted back by the rest of the group.

They yelled, “All black people, living around this neighborhood, because you prioritize money over people, until you stop calling the police, we will continue to shut your business down.”

Drew Hernandez, the reporter who captured video of the Black Lives Matter performance, highlighted the lack of a police response.


Hernandez said Instagram, which is owned by Facebook, is removing his followers after his coverage of Black Lives Matter protests.

The male with the bullhorn conducted a similar political performance on Thursday evening, where he led a similar event at a restaurant in the nation’s capital. Thursday’s script read:

We are here tonight while you are dining because black people are dying at the hands of the police. So, while you are dining, we are sorry for your inconvenience, but black people are dying today. While you are dining, we’re going to read you some facts about the murder of black people. We are here tonight because black lives matter. We are here tonight because black trans lives matter.

The protesters also chanted, “Free the people. Fight the power. Fuck the police.”


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