Watch: Black Lives Matter Protesters Overwhelmed By Counter-Demonstrators In Springfield, Oregon

This isn’t Portland.

(Big League Politics) – Black Lives Matter protesters who were marching through a residential neighborhood in Springfield, Oregon left the area after they were overwhelmed by a crowd of counter-demonstrators displeased with their presence near their homes on Wednesday night.

Area residents can be heard in video of the protest event rebuking protesters for showing up uninvited to their own residential neighborhood.

Springfield Police had earlier promptly dispersed protesters who were trying to block a public roadway in the neighborhood. The riotous protesters had perhaps expected to obstruct the public way with impunity, and law enforcement made it clear that there weren’t in Portland anymore.

Springfield, Oregon is more than 87% white. Less than 1% of the city’s population is black.

Residents of the neighborhood confronted the unruly and violent left-wing mob with weapons, including one who kept back a helmet-clad antifa with an American flag.

Oregon’s population outside of Portland is not as left wing as some might think, and there’s an outside chance the wave of criminality and political violence occurring in the state’s biggest city could fuel a conservative and right wing political backlash from Oregonians sick of seeing anarchists get away with attacking a federal courthouse.


  1. These people are the Brown Shirts of the 21st Century. If their idiot professors had taught them any history, they would know that.

  2. the blm movement has turned into a Bowl Movement USURPED BY ANTIFA, and when you finally piss off patriots and real citizens they “WE WILL TAKE BACK THEIR STREETS AND MUCH MORE. OUR WAY OF LIFE IS THREATENED BY THIS SCUM AND IT WILL NOT END WELL.”

  3. The only thing the Antifa and BLM Marxist mob understands is a good beat down by the people who are no longer sheeple!

  4. Thank you Jesus! These Atheist Marxist Communist Anarchists will not take down the loyal American people. Together we are strong. Enough with all of the politically correct bullshit. “Hands, up, don’t shoot; Who’s streets? Our streets”: My freakin’ ass! The United States will never belong to the Marxist Communists. Loyal Americans would rather all die in battle on the streets than watch our beloved country come to ruin from these Aholes. Who’s America? Our America! Freakin’ A Right!

    • Most of Oregon is red.. period and not so much blue. The article is right. Current projections of the “Re-Call Katie” the witch is looking like 500,000 signatures . Thats 100,000 MORE than needed to make up for any bad addresses. This includes democrats who can’t take her BS any longer.. The police were protecting the communists who thought they could invade the Burbs and escape alive. I can promise you that a friend who lives there said that the Burb folks were all…strapped and ready to rock with the Orc’s.

  5. blmers, victims of their own stupidity. Not all of Oregon is stupid like Portland and have an incompetent mayor like Ted Wheeler. Wheeler was the idiot who withheld the police to help blm to harass the opposition not knowing the opposition had reinforcements which turned out badly go blmers. Wheeler got sued by blm for lack of protection. Pure irony.

  6. The people that support BLM and Antifa have sold their freedoms and liberties for safety they get neither. This will keep happening until people stand up and meet it right up front. Glad to finally see people of Oregon standing up we all need to and we will at some point because these thugs have been giving free reign by Democrats to do what they want when they want. We will need to defend ourselves and our families a d friends.

  7. Anyone who would vote for a democrat is either a fool or a democrat (same thing). As a Christian, I was having a tough time not using “cuss” words on those people. Finally, I just settled on “democrat.” “That husband stealing (female dog) “democrat.” “Any man who would abuse his family is a SxOxB “democrat.” Obama is an illigitimate “democrat.” Sort of misses the flavor of real cussin, but then democrat is unpalatable anyway.
    Good thing I have the love of Jesus in my heart. wink

    • Understand the challenge…
      I have been repenting a lot lately…. For the thoughts going through my head with these days…

  8. We have finally come to our senses. The silent majority is no longer silent! The Police, State or Federal, need our help to counter these criminals. And we are at it!

  9. Outstanding AMERICAN CITIZENS!!! These thugs need to be faced by real loyal citizens of our country. Unfortunately they are so idealisticly brainwashed that they stupidly think that the few of them can control the entire population!!! As a Japanese Admiral during WW2 said, “We have woke a sleeping giant”. These rioters have poked a stick into the wrong Hornets nest!!!


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